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I-90 East West

The final phase of chip seal on Interstate 90 was completed the week of August 12. Interstate 90, from the Wye to Van Buren, is now safer and smoother for the traveling public. Thanks for your patience as this project was completed.

Please note that when traveling east on I90, expect additional work zones for adjacent projects. Continue to use caution from East Missoula to Turah; at East Missoula, prepare to merge, slow down and enter single lane traffic. 10" lane restrictions may be in place. Call the MDT Hotline at 406-207-4484 for more information.

Project Overview

Pavement Preservation on Interstate 90 in Missoula

What is “pavement preservation?”

Keeping good roads in good shape makes more sense than putting all resources towards roads that have fallen into serious disrepair. Preventative maintenance, known as “pavement preservation,” helps ensure that good roads remain good, and don’t fall into poor condition.

MDT performs preventative maintenance around the state. Just like regularly changing your car’s oil, you’ll see Montana Department of Transportation crews and contractors working to protect pavement with regularly scheduled maintenance projects.

Roads in truly bad shape require a lot more money, time and resources to fix up. Pavement preservation keeps more Montana roads from falling into serious disrepair. That means preventative maintenance keeps Montana drivers from experiencing major road construction, which has more delays, detours and longer timelines to complete work.

Instead of waiting until a road deteriorates to the point where it would require millions of dollars to repair, resulting in lengthy traffic disruptions that could extend for an entire summer or more, pavement preservation extends the life of those roads with minimal investment and disruptions.

Pavement Lifecycle infographic
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Project Location

I-90 East West Project Location Map
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