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Fairview – West (Phase I)

Study Focus

roadway at Fairview - West project

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has initiated early project development activities for the Fairview-West project. The project is intended to reconstruct approximately 6 miles of Montana Highway 201 (MT 201) west of the Town of Fairview in Richland County. The entire segment of MT 201 proposed for reconstruction extends from the junction of MT 201 and Montana Highway 200 (MT 200) in Fairview to Reference Marker (RM) 63.6 located about 6 miles west of the community.

The initial phase of the Fairview-West project involves the identification and analysis of potential new alignments for the eastern portion of the project corridor between MT 200 in Fairview and RM 67.4 (near the Fairview Airport) on MT 201. The alternative alignment analysis is intended to inform the decision of the best alignment possible to increase safety and shift trucks from the existing road facility as it enters Fairview.


Phase 1 of the Fairview-West Alternative Alignment Study is complete and Phase 2 is underway.