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Project Overview

As of September 2022, Roadwork on the North of DeSmet Interchange project on US 93 between I 90 and the bottom of Evaro Hill is completed. For details, please visit the weekly updates tab in the right hand panel.

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The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) is beginning two new roadwork projects in northern Missoula, north of I 90 on US 93. Crews will start work on both projects on mid-June, weather permitting. Updates will be provided as construction nears.

DeSmet Interchange Pavement Preservation

One project is located at the junction of I 90 North (US 93), north of the DeSmet Interchange. The overall goal of this roadwork is to extend the life of the existing pavement.

From the I 90 DeSmet Interchange to Frenchtown Frontage Road on US 93, MDT will be completing a pavement preservation project. This will include resurfacing the roadway by chip sealing. In addition, new pavement markings and shoulder rumble strips will be added.

This portion of the project is part of MDT’s initiative to keep good roads good. MDT performs preventative maintenance around the state. Known as “pavement preservation,” this process works to ensure that good roads remain good and don’t fall into poor condition beyond simple repairs. Preventative maintenance prevents drivers from experiencing major road construction, causing more delays if the road were to be in complete disrepair.

US 93 Road Widening

The second portion of this project is located between Frenchtown Frontage Road to just past O’Keefe Creek Boulevard at the bottom of Evaro Hill. Here, crews will be widening the road to include a center-turn lane and left-turn lanes at key intersections.

The purpose of this roadwork is to widen the roadway on US 93. This will allow travelers to drive this route more efficiently and with added opportunities to make safe turns.

For more information, or if you have questions, please call the project hotline during business hours at 406-595-0940 or email

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