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Completed Projects - Bozeman Community Transportation Safety Plan

Bozeman Community Transportation Safety Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Community Transportation Safety Plan?

MDT's Community Transportation Safety Plan program provides Montana communities with technical and financial support for the development of Community Transportation Safety Plans (CTSP). The intent of a Transportation Safety Plan is to identify safety needs and help guide future decisions regarding transportation safety in the City of Bozeman. This safety effort is similar to the development of Montana's Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan goals and objectives, but at a reduced scale, consistent with the needs of the community. Community Transportation Safety Plan must be data driven, and consider safety elements of education, enforcement, emergency medical services, and engineering components in determining short–, mid–, and long–term strategies and actions to address identified issues.

Who is conducting this safety plan?

A request for transportation safety planning assistance was submitted by the City of Bozeman. This planning effort by Bozeman's Transportation Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) in partnership with Montana Department of Transportation will address safety concerns and identify strategies to address issues within the City of Bozeman. Cambridge Systematics (CS) will collect and analyze relevant crash and safety data for the City of Bozeman and Montana. Following an inventory provided by the TSAC of local safety programs already in place, CS will provide guidance on "best practices" of national safety programs and safety management to help the City of Bozeman to identify strategies that are do–able to reduce and prevent traffic crashes.


Tasks include–

  • Analyze crash and safety data
  • Gather community input for consideration and
  • Research data based on concerns and issues
  • Identify and present potential safety improvement strategies to Transportation Safety Advisory Council (TSAC)
  • Determine strategies for implementation by TSAC,
  • Identify responsible persons / agencies to carry out the strategies
  • Identify potential funding sources
  • Decide process to track and report implementation progress
  • Approval of Bozeman Community Transportation Safety Plan to be determined by the Bozeman

How can the community be involved in this study?

The public is invited to participate in the process through TSAC meetings, a community Summit, and in providing comment and input. This web site has been developed to provide on-line opportunities to comment and provide input on the community transportation safety needs and on the draft plan recommendations. Dates, times, and locations for all TSAC meetings and public outreach opportunities will be posted prior to the events. The local plan contact and MDT will collect and consider all public comments received to better understand the public view of any potential issues. The TSAC will determine the next steps that best meets the study purpose and has the support of the community.

When is the best time to give comments?

Timeframe for development for this transportation safety plan is six months. Comments and input will be considered throughout the development of this plan. This is a community led effort in which community input and participation is needed to make this safety planning effort a success.

How can I stay informed and be part of the process?

If you have a specific interest in this transportation safety plan please contact the local contact for notice of TSAC Meetings or by submitting your name and contact information to the address or e-mail featured on this website.