Montana Department of Transportation

Bench Boulevard Project

Active Project - Bench Boulevard Project

Bench Boulevard - Hilltop to Pemberton

Construction Status

For the duration of the Bench Boulevard Reconstruction Project drivers are advised to please plan additional travel time as there will be side street closures, detours and brief delays throughout. Crews will be in operation Monday through Friday from approximately 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

During the week of August 29, there will be significant work from Hilltop Road to Anchor Avenue with the heaviest congestion north of Heights Lane. Preparations for light pole placement, signs and mailboxes will continue. Meanwhile, new curb, driveways and sidewalks as well as earthwork and gravel placement are underway elsewhere. Gainan’s and Dietz Auto are accessible from Hilltop Road.

Road excavation will be taking place between Anchor Ave and the south side of the Wicks intersection. Due to the heavy construction activity to the south, access in this zone is only intended for local residents on Bench, Winemiller Lane and the neighborhood loop across from Popelka Dr.

Remaining work will continue under limited traffic control from the north side of the Wicks intersection up to Pemberton Lane. This stretch of road is now open and has seen recent advancement in striping and lighting. Intermittent work will be continuing on boulevards and manhole adjustments. Full access for residents and the Bitterroot Elementary School will be available. Knife River is happy to report that the entire school area has been completed in time for the new school year to begin.

Knife River would like to thank all parents and children for helping make this a safe and summer in and around the work zone!

Overview of Side Streets:

  • Looped side streets:
    -Dreamers Loop, Heights Lane and Kingston Ave/Anchor Ave/ Ahoy Ave/Steffanich Drive will always have one entry to Bench available but construction will alternate which entry is open. Drivers may experience brief delays when exiting onto Bench.
  • Side streets closed at Bench:
    -When closed for work, Dorothy Lane will have access from the east via Kenneth Street and Yellowstone River Road.
  • Dead end streets with no outlet:
    -The neighborhood loop across from Popelka Dr, Winemiller Lane and Birch Lane will have access maintained on Bench through the work zone.

With the goal of completing each zone quickly, Knife River asks you to please be respectful of flaggers, watch for workers and equipment, abide by the posted speed limits and remember that fines do double in work zones.

Suggested Routes for those wishing to avoid traffic congestion

  • Bitterroot Drive
  • Wicks Lane
  • Hilltop Road
  • Main Street

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  • 102.9 FM Cat Country
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  • 103.7 FM The Hawk
  • 530 AM (Project frequency provided by MDT)

For questions or concerns about the Bench Boulevard Project, please call 406-281-2098 during business hours.

Thanks to Bench Area residents for your ongoing patience!