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Theodore Roosevelt International Highway

Map detailing route

1996 Reprint (PDF)

Car and driver

Theodore Roosevelt International Highway is a first edition guidebook through Montana on the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway. The guide was originally published in 1921 and was reprinted in 1996 by the Montana Department of Transportation in cooperation with the Pioneer Museum (Glasgow, Montana) and the Montana Historical Society.

An Excerpt from Col. Roosevelt

(Quoted on the back cover)

Col. Theodore Roosevelt

It goes without saying that I appreciate the value of highways. Fundamentally they are the basis on land of the great net work of trade routes which go to make up civilization. History has again and again shown that often countries rise and fall and cities wither or flourish on account of trade routes. The Venetian republic was, in my opinion, destroyed by Vasco de Gama when he made his celebrated voyage of discovery, circumnavigating Africa. He, at that time opened up trade routes through which the East India trade flowed and which automatically dried up the more difficult ones across Asia Minor on which Venice was depending. The Roman empire was held together by its roads. Their importance is evidenced by the fact that many of them are in use now. I myself have marched to battle through northern France over the old Roman Roads.