Montana Department of Transportation

Malcolm “Mack” Long, Director


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Yellowstone Airport Commerical Air Service Winter Operations Survey

This airport inventory and data survey request is being made by the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT). The Yellowstone Airport (WYS) has historically operated May thru mid-October due to harsh winter weather conditions and lower aviation traffic demand in winter months. This information will be used by the Consulting Team to evaluate the potential benefits, requirements and costs of extending the operating season into the winter months. Please complete as much of the enclosed survey as possible to the best of your ability and return it as follows. Your attention and time is appreciated.

If you have questions about this form, please contact Travis Eickman of Morrison-Maierle or 406-922-6810.

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How are you traveling?
Are you a local resident (Ennis, Island Park, West Yellowstone, Big Sky) or visiting the area?
If a visitor, what destination are you visiting?
Would you use the Yellowstone Airport if it were open during winter months?
If yes, how frequently would you use the airport during the winter months?
If the Yellowstone Airport was open during winter months, would you utilize the airport for travel by aircraft only during the early and late season (i.e. April / Nov), or would you consider use during any month of the year?
Please provide any additional comments you may have for the study team in regards to your thoughts on the Yellowstone Airport’s consideration of extending the operating season or going to year round operations: