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Data and Statistics Bureau Programs

Geospatial Information Section

The Geospatial Information Section (GeoInfo) collects, manages, maintains, reports and maps basic road inventory data for all roads open to public travel in Montana.


GeoInfo develops and maintains a number of maps including the official Montana Highway Map. The section's city, county, and urban highway maps include all roads that are open to public travel in Montana. GeoInfo also develops and maintains rail and bicycle maps, available in hard copy form.

Many other specialty maps are also developed and maintained by the GeoInfo Section. Call 406-444-6103 to check availability

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Road Log

The GeoInfo section also produces the Road Log, which is a compilation of the basic location and attribute information for all roads in Montana that are open to public travel. It serves as MDT's common road and highway referencing system. It includes 81 data items including roadway location information, surface type, width, length, number of lanes, etc. Online electronic forms are available to MDT personnel and hard copy reports are available for $50 each by calling 406-444-6119.

Primary and National Highway Data Summary

Primary and National Highway Data Summary (PNDS) is a compilation of highway related information for the National Highway System and Primary highways. Beginning in 2005, it also includes information on Secondary system highways. Published in hard copy form, the report reflects a graphic representation of specific roadway segments with corresponding textual information consisting of 17 commonly used information items including location, year built and improved, width, length, traffic data, pavement condition, and safety ratings.

Call 406-444-7239, to view copies of this report.

Fuel Tax Allocation

The GeoInfo Section is responsible for calculating annual fuel tax allocations to the cities and counties in Montana. The specifics of this program, along with the answers to commonly asked questions, are available in the Q & A Fuel Tax Allocation document found in the MDT publications index.

The GeoInfo Section is also responsible for calculating the annual allocation of Secondary funds to the five financial districts. The allocations are based on land area, rural population, and rural bridge square footage.

Phone: 406-444-6103

Highway Performance Monitoring System

Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) is a specialized highway inventory program required by the Federal Highway Administration. It is primarily used to provide data that reflects the extent, condition, performance, use, and operating characteristics of the nation's highways. These data are also used for assessing highway system performance under FHWA's strategic planning process and for apportioning federal-aid funds. All states, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are required to submit annual reports. United States territories are also required to report limited HPMS summary data.

Phone: 406-444-6103

Traffic Data Collection Section

The Traffic Data Collection Section (TDCS) collects, monitors, manages, maintains, and reports a comprehensive and wide variety of traffic and travel–related data on Montana's National Highway, Primary, Secondary, and Urban and State highway systems. Limited data is also collected on other local roads.

Vehicle volume data (number of vehicles on any given roadway section) are collected by machines at approximately 4000 locations across the state. Of these locations, 44 sites collect vehicle volumes by type of vehicle (e.g. motorcycles, passenger cars, and various sizes of trucks). At 30 sites, the instruments also automatically weigh vehicles. Depending on the type of site, traffic is monitored anywhere from 24 hours to continually throughout the year. The continual traffic counters are referred to as Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATRs), and a report of the traffic data collected at these 58 sites can be viewed on–line. Hard copies of this report are available for $10 each by calling 406-444-6114.

The TDCS also collects speed data at 41 sites and vehicle occupancy on a limited basis.

A hard copy of the report Traffic By Sections is published every year. It includes weighted traffic volumes by specific route segments on all routes of the National Highway, Primary, Secondary, and Urban highway systems. Hard copies of this report are available for $50 each by calling 406-444-6122.

In cooperation with MDT's Motor Carrier Services Division, the TDCS was involved in the development of the State Truck Activity Reporting System (STARS). The objectives of this study were to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of MDT's truck weight enforcement activities, provide MDT with access to improved truck-related data for use in pavement design and engineering and planning applications.

Phone: 406-444-6122

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