Montana Department of Transportation

Malcolm “Mack” Long, Director


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Montana Department of Transportation


Legal Services

The Legal Services Unit consists of one chief counsel, nine staff attorneys, one paralegal, and one legal secretary at Helena Headquarters. The areas of practice are eminent domain, real estate, contracts, outdoor advertising control, rail and transit, motor fuels tax, motor carrier services, administrative law, environmental review and litigation, legislation, collection of accounts receivable for damage to MDT property, and labor/employment.

The unit:

  • represents MDT in litigation in trials and hearings before administrative boards, arbitrators, and state, federal, and appellate courts;
  • drafts, reviews, and may provide testimony on legislation, rules and policies;
  • reviews contracts;
  • represents MDT in claims and litigation involving its contracts;
  • coordinates and negotiates with Montana's seven Indian Reservations in all matters involving MDT;
  • provides legal opinions to the director and agency managers;
  • assures MDT compliance with the administrative, state, and federal constitutions, laws, rules, and regulations; and provides direct legal advice to the Montana Transportation Commission;
  • reviews environmental documents and represents MDT in environmental litigation;
  • and functions as a resource for units of local government.

Chief Counsel