Montana Department of Transportation

Montana Department of Transportation

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Audit Services

Audit Services exists to protect the assets of MDT, the State of Montana and its citizens. We do this principally by:

  • promoting compliance with laws, rules, policies, and controls that protect employees of MDT, the Director's Office, and the citizens of Montana.
  • investigating internal problems and disputes as requested by the Director
  • providing accurate and unbiased information
  • deterring and eliminating fraud, collusion, and other activity
  • recommending solutions to problems and providing guidance to personnel and management.
  • providing reliable, detailed and accurate information and reports to MDT management.


Establish and maintain professional standards and ethics in all duties assumed and performed. Operate independent of internal or external biases or influences and provide the Director with complete and unbiased information. Represent the Director of MDT with integrity and professional demeanor. Provide efficient and effective services to the Agency. Provide information from all possible points of view and from all reasonable sources. Provide reports and findings in a timely manner.

Audit Services