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Clearing Your Browser Cache

How do I make sure I have the most recent information on a web page?

The easiest way to make sure you have the most recent information is to press the Refresh/Reload button on your browser toolbar after the web page loads.

If the information appears out of date, you may need to clear cached information from your computer. Your browser may be showing you information you have downloaded and "cached" on your own machine.

What can I do if a website application is generating errors in my browser?

Most website applications utilize cached information. Out of date information in the cache can cause application errors.

If a website's application is generating errors you may need to clear cached information from your computer. The application may be trying to work with information that has been "cached" on your own machine and is no longer valid.

How can I delete my information from the cache?

To clear your cache, follow the instructions for your browser.

Regardless of the browser you use, after completing these steps you should exit and reopen the browser application before attempting to revisit the web site.

Internet Explorer

From the Tools menu, Safety, Delete browsing history...

  1. In the window that appears, uncheck Preserve Favorites website data and check both the "Temporary Internet files" and "Cookies" options.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Depending on your IE you may see a confirmation message. Press OK to confirm.


From the Tools menu, select Options

  1. In the Options dialog box, click Advanced
  2. Click the Network tab.
  3. In the Offline Storage section, click Clear Now.
  4. Click OK.


From the Tools menu, select Delete Private Data

  1. Select "Everything" from the "Time range to clear:" options dropdown list.
  2. Click on Details or the arrow next to Detailed Options to display the details.
  3. Select the "Delete entire cache" and "Delete all cookies" options (place check marks in these options). Deselect all other options (remove the check mark from all other options).
  4. Click Delete and you're done.


On a Macintosh, from the Safari menu, select Reset Safari. On a Windows PC, from the Actions pull-down menu that looks like a gear, select Reset Safari. Note: This option is also under the Edit menu.

  1. In the Reset Safari dialog box, select the Empty the cache and Remove all cookies checkboxes.
  2. Click Reset.

Google Chrome

Click the wrench icon in the upper-right corner of the browser to display its pull-down menu.

  1. Select Clear browsing data from the pull-down menu.
  2. In the Clear Browsing Data dialog box, select the checkboxes for the items to remove: Empty the cache and Delete cookies.
  3. Use the Clear data from this period pull-down menu to select how much of your information you want to delete. By default, Google Chrome only clears information collected in the last 24 hours. To clear browsing information from a longer period of time, select another option in the pull-down menu. To delete all data, select Everything.
  4. Click Clear Browsing Data.


On the browser window, click the View menu, and then click History.

  1. At the bottom of the History panel, click Clear My Footprints.
  2. Click Clear Footprints.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click X to close the History panel.
  5. Specify the footprints you want to clear If you don't wish to clear all footprints, you can specify the footprints that you want to clear.