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Grants and Funding

Emergency Medical Services Grant Program


picture of ambulance racing down the streetThe 2009 Montana Legislature found that the provision of care that is administered by professional paramedics and emergency medical technicians before the patient reaches the hospital – known as prehospital emergency medical services – is a critical component of Montana's health care system. The availability of prehospital emergency medical services can improve the medical outcome for people suffering medical emergencies and may improve the safety of motorists on Montana roads by providing emergency response to vehicle crash sites.


MDT will award grants to emergency medical service providers for purchasing or leasing of ambulances; emergency response vehicles; or equipment for training, communication or for providing medical care to a patient. Applicants must include a statement and a proposed budget showing how the grant funds will be spent; identify the ten percent match funding sources; verify match funds are secure in a financial institute; include bid amounts, the supporting documentation (e.g. AED written plan, ARM 37.104.604). Applications will be evaluated through a competitive process based on criteria ranking.

In order to be considered as eligible for the MDT EMS Grant, EMS providers must be in compliance with all MCA pertaining to EMS agency licensure.

Equipment for successful grantees will be purchased according to state procurement laws. The purchasing of the equipment requested will be handled thru MDT.

Grant Submissions

EMS Grant Applications are being accepted May 01, 2021. The application period will close June 30, 2021.

For additional information contact at 406-444-0856.