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Contractor Compliance

EEO Policy Statement


Complete the Annual EEO Policy Statement Submission Form. You will immediately receive a confirmation letter with a unique reference number. Keep this for your records. MDT does not issue approval letters. Receipt of your Annual EEO Policy Statement from MDT constitutes approval.

Your Annual EEO Policy Statement will be emailed to your EEO Officer. Please allow three business days for processing.

All contractors and subcontractors doing work on a Montana Federal-Aid Highway Project, where the prime contract is valued at $10,000 or more, must complete the following form complete a Montana EEO Policy Statement Submission Form (online) and receive their completed EEO Policy Statement from MDT prior to starting work. It must be printed and posted on the bulletin board at each Montana Federal-Aid Highway Project job site.

Even if a company has an EEO Policy, it is a requirement that a company complete the Montana EEO Policy Statement each year that they work on a Montana Federal-Aid Highway Project, unless the company is contracted as a(n):

  • Materials Supplier contracted for materials supplies only;
  • Engineering Firm or Agent providing engineer consultations only; or
  • Architectural Firm or Agent providing architectural services only.

The Montana EEO Policy Statement is required because Montana has an extended list of protected classes greater than the federally identified protected classes. The Montana EEO Policy Statement will not replace any EEO Policy your company already has in place. It is a statement that provides assurances that your Company will not discriminate against any employee or applicant based on his or her membership in any protected class recognized federally or in the state of Montana, while working on Federal-Aid Highway projects in Montana.

Annual EEO Policy Statement Submission Form

EEO Annual Submissions List - A list of all contractors that have an approved EEO Policy Statement for the current year.

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