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Category Title/Subject Released
Roadside Barrier MASH Box Beam Terminal-MBEAT and MASH Box Beam Updates 09/14/2022
Plans Preparation Quantity Splits 06/27/2022
Hydraulics Hydraulics Manual Update 01/28/2022
Signing And Pavement Markings Type XI Sign Sheeting – Updated Application Guidelines 01/11/2022
Plans Preparation Special Provision Process Improvement 10/04/2021
Roadside Barrier Concrete Barrier Compliance (Revised) 06/16/2021
Bridge Bridge Design 3D Modeling 5/21/2021
Miscellaneous MDT Geometric Design Criteria and Design Exceptions 03/25/2021
Bridge Bridge Width Standards and Guidelines 10/07/2020
Miscellaneous Finished Grade Control and Bridge Survey 09/17/2020
Miscellaneous Service Connections Utility Coordination Procedure Guidelines 08/17/2020
Traffic Control Interstate Median Crossover Guidance 03/04/2020
Plans Preparation Storm Drain Bid Item Changes 02/13/2020
Bridge MASH Bridge Rail Implementation Guidance 01/23/2020
Miscellaneous Proprietary Products 11/01/2019
Signing & Pavement Markings Guidance for Determining Pedestrian Crossing Treatment at Uncontrolled Locations 11/01/2019
Miscellaneous Bid Item Changes 10/18/2019
Plans Preparation R-Value Guidance 09/26/2019
Signing & Pavement Markings Pavement Marking Quantities 06/26/2019
Surfacing and Typical Sections New Plant Mix Items for Miscellaneous Paving 06/26/2019
Signing & Pavement Markings Centerline Pavement Markings for Rural Highways 06/18/2019
Roadside Barrier Temporary Impact Attenuators - Guidance for Inclusion as a Contract Bid Item 05/16/2019
Miscellaneous Project Linear Referencing 11/30/2018
Surfacing & Typical Sections Placing Topsoil on the Surfacing Inslope 09/28/2018
Miscellaneous Roadway Width and Rumble Strip Committee 09/26/2018
Plans Preparation Removal of Geotechnical Boring Stick Logs on Plans 09/10/2018
Miscellaneous Roundabout Design Exceptions 05/09/2018
Miscellaneous Roundabout Landscape Committee 04/27/2018
Roadside Barrier MASH Guardrail Implementation Guidance 02/08/2018
Plans Preparation Culvert Bid Items 11/16/2017
Surfacing & Typical Sections Pavement Design Manual Implementation 11/16/2017
Erosion Control & Environmental Wetland Coordinates 11/15/2017
Miscellaneous Shared-use Paths 09/14/2017
Signing & Pavement Markings Type XI Sign Sheeting – Application
(see update 1/11/2022)
Hydraulics Updated Culvert Bedding and Hydraulic Standards 09/22/2017
Bridge Minimum Bridge Deck Thickness 2/06/2017
Bridge Bridge Plan Drawing Numbers, Q Sheet 12/30/2016
Surfacing Guidance on the Selection of Crushed Cover Aggregate – Cover Material 12/21/2016
Signing & Pavement Markings Pavement Markings Removal 11/22/2016
Miscellaneous 2016 Road Design Manual and Geometric Design Standards 10/31/2016
Plans Preparation Project Plans – Table of Contents 10/27/2016
Erosion Control & Environmental Temporary Erosion Control 10/12/2016
Plans Preparation Road Plan and Cross Section PDF With Authorized R/W Lines 09/29/2016
Miscellaneous Records Management Policy | Records Management Procedure 09/16/2016
Curbs, Ramps, and Sidewalk Detectable Warning Devices 08/03/2016
Surfacing Tack and Fog Seal 06/17/2016
Surfacing & Typical Sections Taper Rates for Transitioning Shoulder Widths 02/19/2016
Roadside Barrier Supplemental Specification Section 605 - Concrete Barrier Rail 02/02/2016
Plans Preparation Plans Format 08/31/2015
Surfacing 1/2 inch Plant Mix Surfacing 08/31/2015
Rumble Strips Rumble Strip Guidance 07/08/2015
Bridge Concrete Deck, Assumed Sacrificial Wearing Surface and Concrete Strength 06/10/2015
Bridge LRFD Bridge Deck Design 06/09/2015
Bridge Adopt-a-Bridge Program 5/22/2015
Surfacing & Typical Sections 30-year Pavement Design at Bridge Ends 04/29/2015
Grading Back Slope Rounding 12/30/2014
Grading Obliterate Roadway – Re-establishment of Vegetation 12/15/2014
Miscellaneous Manhole and Water Valve Adjustments 10/29/2014
Grading Obliterate Roadway – Use/Disposal of Existing Plant Mix 10/16/2014
Fencing & Right-of-Way Changes to Fencing Items – Combination Fence and R/W Monument Breaks 10/08/2014
Fencing & Right-of-Way Right-of-Entry Form 04/25/2014
Fencing & Right-of-Way Right-of-Entry Procedure 04/25/2014
Curbs, Ramps, and Sidewalk Detectable Warning Devices 06/16/2014
Plans Preparation 11x17 Plans 04/23/2014
Miscellaneous Geometric Design Standards for Urban & Developed Areas 03/20/2014
Grading Obliterate Roadway 03/19/2014
Erosion Control & Environmental Wetland Table 12/11/2013
Surfacing & Typical Sections Chip Seal Guidelines 12/06/2013
Erosion Control & Environmental Guidance for the Topsoil & Seeding Summary 11/26/2013
Roadside Barrier Guardrail Post Information 10/21/2013
Miscellaneous Cattle Guard Nomenclature 10/03/2013
Bridge Safe Posting Load, Railroad Car Bridges 02/08/2013
Signing & Pavement Markings Advance Warning Flashers at Signalized Intersections 01/18/2013
Signing & Pavement Markings Horizontal Alignment Sign Selection 01/11/2013
Signing & Pavement Markings Durable Interim Striping 11/30/2012
Signing & Pavement Markings Temporary Striping
(see update 06/26/19)
Surfacing & Typical Sections Revised Rounding Criteria for Subgrade Widths 11/08/2012
Surfacing & Typical Sections Blotter 10/31/2012
Surfacing & Typical Sections Final Sweeping and Brooming 10/15/2012
Signing & Pavement Markings Use of Vehicle Speed Feedback Signs (VSFS) on the State Maintained System - VSFS Guidelines 09/12/2012
Traffic Control Traffic Control and Sequence of Operation 08/27/2012
Surfacing & Typical Sections 30-year Pavement Design at Bridge Ends
(See Supplemental 4/29/2015)
Traffic Control Guidelines - Interstate Median Crossovers 02/28/2012
Curbs, Ramps, and Sidewalk ADA Curb Ramp Design Requirements 02/10/2012
Signing & Pavement Markings Delineation on Non-Interstate Roadways 02/07/2012
Curbs, Ramps, and Sidewalk Sidewalk Permit - Revised 01/31/2012
Surfacing & Typical Sections Aggregate Treatment 01/03/2012
Surfacing & Typical Sections PTW Surfacing/Subgrade Treatment 10/28/2011
Roadside Barrier W-Beam Guardrail Height 10/04/2011
Traffic Control Median Crossover Changes
(see update 02/28/12)
Grading Mass Diagram in Blue Sheet Plans 06/30/2011
Rumble Strips Edge Line Rumble Strip Evaluation 06/14/2011
Surfacing & Typical Sections Bituminous Prime
(see update "Aggregate Treatment" 01/03/12)
Fencing & Right-of-Way Wildlife Friendly Fence Details 12/30/2010
Curbs, Ramps, and Sidewalk Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) 11/19/2010
Signing & Pavement Markings Sign Replacement to Maintain Minimum Sign Retroreflectivity and Sign Sheeting Policy 10/06/2010
Signing & Pavement Markings Policy on Sign Sheeting Materials for Permanent Signs 09/29/2010
Surfacing & Typical Sections PTW Surfacing/Subgrade Treatment
(see update 10/28/2011)
Roadside Barrier W-Beam Guardrail Height
(see update 10/04/2011)
Plans Preparation Scales on Title Sheet 08/27/2010
Curbs, Ramps, and Sidewalk Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) Adopted | Guidelines 08/17/2010
Grading Shrink/Swell Factors in Grading Frames 03/24/2010
Roadside Barrier Guardrail End Section Widening - Modification 02/10/2010
Surfacing & Typical Sections Bituminous Prime
(see update 02/28/11)
Grading Balanced Earthwork 01/13/2010
Erosion Control & Environmental Erosion Control Blanket and Turf Reinforcement Mat 12/17/2009
Erosion Control & Environmental Furrow Ditches - Clarification 12/17/2009
Erosion Control & Environmental Furrow Ditches
(see supplemental 12/17/09)
Plans Preparation Significant Figures in Road Plans 11/12/2009
Miscellaneous Type B Scale Sites 09/14/2009
Miscellaneous Electrical Special Provisions 03/26/2009
Surfacing & Typical Sections Recycled Surfacing Options 03/16/2009
Surfacing & Typical Sections Use of Cold Millings in Federal-Aid Projects 03/10/2009
Surfacing & Typical Sections Application Rate - Seal (CRS-2P)
(supplemented with memo "Tack and Fog Seal" - 06/17/2016)
Roadside Barrier Guardrail End Section Widening
(see update 02/10/10)
Surfacing & Typical Sections Fog Seal and Isolation Lifts
(Partially Updated with memo "Tack and Fog Seal" - 06/17/2016)
Grading Mass Diagram and Grading Frames 08/19/2008
Grading Mass Diagrams
(see supplemental 08/19/08 and update 06/30/11)
Miscellaneous Contract Time Calculation Procedures 06/03/2008
Curbs, Ramps, and Sidewalk Curb Dimensions 04/30/2008
Miscellaneous Specialty Items 04/25/2008
Surfacing & Typical Sections Aggregate Treatment 02/28/2008
Grading Haul Quantities 12/21/2007
Miscellaneous Worker Visibility 11/16/2007
Plans Preparation Urban-Rural Lengths of Roadways 09/25/2007
Fencing & Right-of-Way Wildlife Fence Issues 04/06/2007
Plans Preparation CADD Procedures for Hydraulic Details 03/27/2007
Surfacing & Typical Sections Road Design Manual - Chapter 9: Superelevation 01/08/2007
Plans Preparation Project Limits 01/05/2007
Plans Preparation Horizontal Curve Data 11/29/2006
Grading Embankment-in-Place 11/27/2006
Grading Culvert Excavation - Clarification 11/27/2006
Grading Culvert Excavation 11/17/2006
Miscellaneous Special Provisions Format 07/31/2006
Signing & Pavement Markings Pavement Marking Quantities
(see supplemental 11/30/12)
Curbs, Ramps, and Sidewalk Median Concrete Curb - Type B 04/18/2006
Plans Preparation Summary Subtotals 04/06/2006
Signing & Pavement Markings Temporary Pavement Markings 03/23/2006
Surfacing & Typical Sections Isolation Lifts 12/14/2005
Fencing & Right-of-Way Retracement Surveys - a guideline for RW Plans 08/11/2005
Surfacing & Typical Sections Isolation Lifts and Tack
(Partially Updated with memo "Tack and Fog Seal" - 06/17/2016)
Fencing & Right-of-Way Access to Bridges 02/14/2005
Plans Preparation Title Sheet - Design Data 01/07/2005
Roadside Barrier W-Beam Guardrail Reassessment of the BCT 07/12/2004
Rumble Strips Rumble Strip Policy Revision
(see revision 11/30/12)
Surfacing & Typical Sections Widening Projects - Vertical Notch 04/12/2004
Signing & Pavement Markings Temporary Pavement Markings 01/16/2004
Bridge Salvaged Bridge Material 09/30/2003
Bridge Vertical Clearance Railroad Separations 06/19/2003
Bridge Structure Excavation on End Bents as a Pay Item 10/03/2000