MDT Roles and Responsibilities / Frequently Asked Questions

MDT Roles and Responsibilities / Frequently Asked Questions

Awarded Bid Packages

Awarded Bid Packages

QA File Set Up

QA Contract File Builder Training
QA Contract File Setup - Concrete - Class General
QA Contract File Setup - Plant Mix Grade S

AASHTOWare Construction and Materials

Including but not limited to: Daily Work Reports, Samples, Change Orders, Estimates And Stockpiled Materials

AASHTOWare Project Login
Training Manuals
Cheat Sheets
Business Processes
Finalization Process - Outline | Flowchart
AASHTOWare CRL (Electronic Payrolls) User Guide


QA Suite Manual
Traffic Control (MUTCD)
Standard Specifications
Detailed Drawings
Materials Manual
Construction Administration Manual

Traffic Control

For Traffic Control Plan Review and on-site Traffic Control Training contact the Construction Traffic Control Engineer listed below.

Work Zone Safety & Mobility Toolbox
Work Zone Safety Grant Guidance Documents

Contact Information

Consultant Design Bureau
Ryan Dahlke, Consultant Design Bureau Chief, 406-444-7292

Traffic Control
Jeremy Wilde, Construction Traffic Control Engineer, 406-461-4667

AASHTOWare Training
Lori Amestoy, Engineering Training Supervisor, 1-877-406-4338

AASHTOWare Electronic Payrolls
Kathy Terrio, Prevailing Wage Compliance Specialist, 406-475-2258

AASHTOWare Help Desk - 1-877-406-4338
Please leave a message. We will be notified and will return your call.