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February 27, 2015 at 09:34 AM

This report is available by telephone at 511 or 1-800-226-7623. For the hearing impaired, call the TTY number 1-800-335-7592.

For additional information call (406) 444-6372

TRAFFIC FINES DOUBLE in highway work zones. The law also sets fines and jail sentences for reckless endangerment of highway workers.

MINOR DELAYS (up to ten minutes) can be expected through these projects with anything over ten minutes being noted in the description. Watch for equipment, flaggers, and workers along the road. Expect reduced speed limits.

Active Construction Projects

I-15 - Mile Marker 218.8 to 219.4
Between Sieben and Spring Creek Interchange.
Both northbound and southbound passing lanes will be closed Tuesday, February 24th until approximately 1:00 PM for repair to jersey rail.
EXPECT: Median activities; single lane traffic.
I-15 - Mile Marker 240.4 to 240.4
North of Craig.
Bridge rehab in progress in the southbound lanes. Loads wider than 24 feet will be accommodated between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM by calling Keith at 406-490-9210 or Lucas at 406-468-5520.
EXPECT: Bridge activities; reduced speed of 35 MPH; single lane traffic.
I-90 - Mile Marker 17 to 23
Deborgia - Southeast.
Due to Rock slide, East and West bound directions of travel will have a 16 foot width restriction in place from the Montana/Idaho border to St. Regis (mp 0.0 to mp 33.5)
At this time the duration is unknown. Wide loads greater than 16 feet can either find an alternate route or can call the posted phone numbers 48 hours in advance to set up a time to be piloted through the project. Call Western Traffic Control in Missoula, Montana at 406-541-7610 or 406-239-1304.
EXPECT: Rock activities; width restriction of 16 feet; delays up to 10 minutes; reduced speed of 35 MPH; single lane traffic.
MT-1 - Mile Marker 1 to 1.5
Park Street will be closed at the railroad crossing during the duration of the project. Detour will be in place as follows: Right on Adams Street to 4th Street. Left on 4th Street and continue on 4th Street to the junction of Park Street. Detour signs will be in place.
EXPECT: Miscellaneous activities; detour; road closure.
MT-200 - Mile Marker 55.9 to 56.9
Thompson River - East.
Work will continue on the new bridge through the winter with minimal impact to the traveling public.
EXPECT: Bridge activities.
MT-200 - Mile Marker 248.5 to 248.5
Flowing Wells Rest Area.
Rest Area is closed for repairs. No restrictions to traffic.
EXPECT: Miscellaneous activities.
MT-287 - Mile Marker 32.2 to 33.7
Beginning North of Sheridan at MM 32.2 proceeding South through Sheridan to MM 33.7..
There will be milling, grading, sidewalk work, culvert installation, gravel surface and intersection work. Expect a 10 minute delay, flaggers, single lane traffic with pilot cars, reduced speed to 25 mph and traffic controlled by signal lights.
EXPECT: Miscellaneous activities.
MT-66 - Mile Marker 16.6 to 22.4
Little Peoples Creek/MT 11-1.
Detour at Milepost 22.4 only. Gravel surface and reduced speeds at Mileposts 18 and 22.4.
EXPECT: Bridge activities; width restriction of 12 feet; reduced speed of 35 MPH; gravel surface.
S-203 - Mile Marker 9.8 to 11.9
Florence East.
Bridge work continues - Expect 45mph over the bridge throughout the winter.
EXPECT: Bridge activities; reduced speed of 45 MPH.
S-300 - Mile Marker 1 to 1.2
Fish Creek Bridge - South of Ryegate.
Bridge is now open to all traffic, travelers should expect loose gravel and reduced speeds on the bridge until paving is complete.
EXPECT: Bridge activities; loose gravel; reduced speed of 35 MPH.
S-373 - Mile Marker 1.6 to 3
This is a multi location project, the routes and mile markers will change from week to week and possible diffrent locations throughout any given day.
EXPECT: Sign installation activities; delays up to 15 minutes; reduced speed of 35 MPH; flaggers.
S-464 - Mile Marker 1.2 to 12.7
Duck Lake Road North of Browning.
EXPECT: Guardrail activities; flaggers.
S-500 - Mile Marker 25.4 to 25.6
Flatwillow Creek Bridge - 6 Miles South of Mosby - gravel secondary road.
This gravel road is now open to all traffic with no restrictions. Shoulder work and some work under the bridge will continue.
EXPECT: Bridge activities.
US-2/SWAMP CREEK - EAST - Mile Marker 48.8 to 53.6
16 miles East of LIBBY.
Clearing operations are scheduled to begin Monday, February 23rd. Clearing fires could cause reduced visibility at times within the work zone. Hours of operation will be Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM.
EXPECT: Clearing and grubbing activities; delays up to 15 minutes; reduced speed of 35 MPH; flaggers.
US-2 - Mile Marker 113.7 to 114.9
5 miles West of KALISPELL.
Miscellaneous activities continue off of the roadway and should not affect traffic. Use caution crossing the new bridges within the work zone.
EXPECT: Miscellaneous activities; reduced speed of 55 MPH.
US-2 - Mile Marker 204 to 208.9
West of East Glacier.
EXPECT: Miscellaneous activities.
US-287 - Mile Marker 89.1 to 94.6
South of Toston on US-12 and State Route 287.
Fencing, topsoil and embankment work. Pilot Cars while milling.
EXPECT: Milling activities; detour; reduced speed of 35 MPH; gravel surface.
US-310 - Mile Marker 51.9 to 53.1
South of Laurel-Railroad Overpass.
Traffic is being routed onto the new NB bridge structure; speed has been reduced in the construction zone. Off the highway work being completed. No impact to traffic.
EXPECT: Reconstruction activities; reduced speed of 35 MPH.

Completed Construction Projects

I-90 - Mile Marker 354.3 to 549.8 (Completed)
Ramps are located at 49 locations on I-90 between Springdale and Aberdeen and I-94 between Huntley and Sarpy Creek (M.P. 6.2 to 72.0) 8 locations are within the Crow Indian Reservation..
I-90 - Mile Marker 543.5 to 554.4 (Completed)
Approximately 11 miles south of Wyola continuing to north of Wyola. Project is located entirely within the Crow Indian Reservation.
I-94 - Mile Marker 46.7 to 67 (Completed)
Custer to Hysham.
MT-200 - Mile Marker 70.8 to 70.8 (Completed)
West of Plains.
MT-86 - Mile Marker 23.9 to 30.9 (Completed)
Near Sedan.
Inactive until final sweeping and striping.
S-300 - Mile Marker 1 to 1.2 (Completed)
Fish Creek Bridge - South of Ryegate.
Maintenance project is now being turned over to Construction for repairs.
S-314 - Mile Marker 6.8 to 17.5 (Completed)
Junction with S-566 continuing south east 10.8 miles.
S-366 - Mile Marker 0 to 28.6 (Completed)
S-493 - Mile Marker 0 to .5 (Completed)
Culvert northwest of Baker.
S-569 - Mile Marker 18.5 to 22 (Completed)
From the junction with MT-43 heading north on S-569 towards Anaconda.
Shoulder work. EPM Scott Cunningham (406) 563-7261
S-6902 - Mile Marker .8 to 1 (Completed)
West Railroad Street in Laurel.
US-212 - Mile Marker 97 to 105 (Completed)
East and west of Boyes.
US-89 - Mile Marker 94.6 to 95 (Completed)
Warden Bridge - Great Falls.
US-93 - Mile Marker 44.3 to 44.7 (Completed)
US 93/Skalkaho Rd.
BILLINGS - MONTANA AVE - Mile Marker .2 to 4.3 (Completed)
Project is located in Billings on Montana Avenue and Laurel Road.

Inactive Construction Projects

I-15 - Mile Marker 54 to 64 (Inactive)
Barretts - Dillon.
Waiting for final striping.
I-15 - Mile Marker 120.7 to 121.1 (Inactive)
Nissler Interchange Project on I-15/I-90.
Project is inactive until the spring 2015.
Traffic should be aware of increased truck traffic on German Gulch Road and Rick Jones Road.
I-15 - Mile Marker 121.6 to 124 (Inactive)
Rocker Eastbound Climbing Lanes & Neversweat Bridge.
Project(s) inactive until spring.
I-15 - Mile Marker 130 to 133.7 (Inactive)
Butte to 3 miles north..
Project is inactive until Spring 2015
I-15 - Mile Marker 133.7 to 142.4 (Inactive)
7-14 miles north of Butte (Elk Park).
Project Inactive Until Spring
I-15 - Mile Marker 301.4 to 309.2 (Inactive)
Power - North and South.
No work this week.
I-90 - Mile Marker 0 to 170.1 (Inactive)
I-90 Corridor from Lookout Pass to Garrison Junction.
Work is temporarily suspended.
I-90 - Mile Marker 5.9 to 7.1 (Inactive)
Taft Interchange East, approximately 7 miles east of the Montana - Idaho border.
Work is temporarily suspended
I-90 - Mile Marker 42 to 49 (Inactive)
Work is temporarily suspended.
I-90 - Mile Marker 51 to 55 (Inactive)
Clark Fork River - Rehab East of Superior.
Bridge Rehabilitation will begin.
Stripe removal and pavement striping in progress.
I-90 - Mile Marker 74 to 85 (Inactive)
Alberton Interchange to Huson Interchange.
Work is temporarily suspended
I-90 - Mile Marker 105.7 to 110.3 (Inactive)
Work is temporarily suspended
I-90 - Mile Marker 150 to 162 (Inactive)
Work is temporarily suspended.
I-90 - Mile Marker 162.6 to 170.1 (Inactive)
Gold Creek - East of Drummond.
Work is temporarily suspended
I-90 - Mile Marker 172.6 to 188.6 (Inactive)
Beck Hill to Deer Lodge and Garrison to Beck Hill.
Project will be in winter shut down until next summer following striping.
I-90 - Mile Marker 298.8 to 300.2 (Inactive)
East Belgrade Interchange - North.
Project is in winter shutdown. Allow extra time if traveling to Yellowstone Int'l Airport. Access will be on the new Gallatin Field Road until airport access road work is complete. Emergency contacts: Knife River - Josh Walter (406) 209-7372. Montana Lines-Trevor Livesay (406) 590-1409.
I-90 - Mile Marker 390.9 to 414.8 (Inactive)
Beginning 1 mile west of Reed Point extending to 4 miles east of Columbus..
Winter shut down. No work until spring 2015. Interstate is open with no restrictions.
I-90 - Mile Marker 492.5 to 502.9 (Inactive)
Toluca to Hardin West.
Winter shut down.
I-90 - Mile Marker 509.6 to 509.6 (Inactive)
Project is located in Big Horn County at Crow Agency.
Work temporarily suspended.
I-94 - Mile Marker 80 to 249 (Inactive)
East and West of Glendive on the interstate.
Work is temporarily suspended. Sign installation on interstate on/off ramps, rest areas, and scale sites.
I-94 - Mile Marker 83.7 to 87 (Inactive)
EB and WB lanes from Colstrip Interchange going 3.3 miles west.
I-94 - Mile Marker 98.6 to 98.6 (Inactive)
MCS Scale Site.
Work is temporarily suspended
I-94 - Mile Marker 163.4 to 169.7 (Inactive)
Praire county line east.
I-94 - Mile Marker 169.8 to 178 (Inactive)
Terry east and west.
I-94/OLD HIGHWAY 10 - Mile Marker 182 to 182 (Inactive)
3 miles southwest of Fallon.
Work is temporarily suspended.
MT-1 - Mile Marker 38.5 to 48.2 (Inactive)
Philipsburg Maxville.
Work is temporarily suspended
MT-1 - Mile Marker 48.2 to 63.9 (Inactive)
Drummond - South.
Work is temporarily suspended.
MT-141 - Mile Marker 11.8 to 19.5 (Inactive)
North of Avon.
No work this week.
MT-141 - Mile Marker 11.8 to 19.5 (Inactive)
1 mile north of Avon to 8 miles south.
No work this week.
MT-16 - Mile Marker 0 to 1.1 (Inactive)
In Culbertson.
Work is temporarily suspended
MT-16 - Mile Marker 64.2 to 73.8 (Inactive)
North of Froid.
Work is temporarily suspended
MT-200/FRONTAGE ROAD - Mile Marker .6 to .6 (Inactive)
West of BONNER.
Work is temporarily suspended
MT-200 - Mile Marker 46 to 99 (Inactive)
PERMA - East and West.
MT-200 - Mile Marker 51.3 to 70 (Inactive)
Kleinschmidt Lake to Powell/Lewis & Clark County Line.
This is a multi-location project with routes and mileposts changing from week to week. This project is in conjunction with the Missoula Horizontal Curve Signing project.
MT-200 - Mile Marker 75.8 to 83.1 (Inactive)
Beginning 3 miles east of Lincoln and continuing east 7.2 miles.
MT-200 - Mile Marker 279.7 to 279.7 (Inactive)
MCS Scale Sites.
Work is temporarily suspended
MT-23 - Mile Marker 0 to 2.8 (Inactive)
JCT MT-16 Continuing 2.8 miles East.
MT-28 - Mile Marker 3 to 5 (Inactive)
Work is temporarily suspended
MT-35 - Mile Marker 10 to 10 (Inactive)
10 miles Northeast of POLSON.
Work suspended until Striping is scheduled
MT-35 - Mile Marker 14.5 to 15.1 (Inactive)
North of POLSON, South of Yellow Bay.
Pending final acceptance.
MT-35 - Mile Marker 22 to 31 (Inactive)
Swan River Bridge - South.
Work temporarily suspended.
MT-66 - Mile Marker 5 to 10 (Inactive)
5 miles north of DY Junction at US 191 & MT 66.
Work is temporarily suspended
MT-78 - Mile Marker 26.8 to 29.8 (Inactive)
South of Junction S-419 - Stillwater County.
Winter shut down. No work until April 2015.
MT-80 - Mile Marker 43.1 to 48.7 (Inactive)
Arrow Creek Slide Repair - 18 miles North of Stanford.
Project will be inactive during winter shut down. Motorcycle advisory is in effect.
S-213 - Mile Marker 1 to 7.4 (Inactive)
North of Cut Bank.
Work is temporarily suspended
S-225 - Mile Marker .1 to 11 (Inactive)
Bootlegger Trail - 2 Miles North of Great Falls.
Chip seal and final paint application will take place Spring 2015
S-232 - Mile Marker 2.9 to 4.1 (Inactive)
North of Havre.
S-269 - Mile Marker 3.5 to 3.8 (Inactive)
South of Corvallis.
Work is temporarily suspended
S-269 - Mile Marker 8.5 to 12.2 (Inactive)
Tucker Crossing N & S.
Work is temporarily suspended
S-275 - Mile Marker 1 to 1 (Inactive)
Main Street in Deer Lodge.
Project is inactive until Spring 2015. EPM Scott Cunningham (406)563-7261 or (406)490-0825
S-288 - Mile Marker 5.4 to 5.4 (Inactive)
5.4 miles south of the Manhattan/I-90 interchange - Churchill Road.
Work is temporarily suspended. When work continues: All work will be off of the roadway-no impediment to traffic.
S-357 - Mile Marker 0 to 4.8 (Inactive)
Alder to 5 miles south.
Inactive until final striping
S-424/THREE MILE DRIVE - Mile Marker .5 to .9 (Inactive)
US93 Alternate, West of KALISPELL, North of US-2.
This project is now in winter shutdown.
Project WEB Site: Kalispell Bypass
S-451 - Mile Marker 33.3 to 33.3 (Inactive)
3 miles south of Wyola.
Work temporarily suspended.
S-508/YAAK RIVER ROAD - Mile Marker 18.8 to 19.3 (Inactive)
10 miles South of YAAK.
Work is temporarily suspended
S-532 - Mile Marker 8.1 to 9.3 (Inactive)
North of Laurel (Lipp Road).
Winter shut down.
S-569 - Mile Marker 14 to 18.5 (Inactive)
3.6 miles from the junction with MT-43 and extends north 4.1 miles to mm 18.5.
Project is inactive at this time.
US-12 - Mile Marker 71.7 to 77.1 (Inactive)
Checkerboard Martinsdale East.
Project is inactive at this time.
US-12 - Mile Marker 77.2 to 82.6 (Inactive)
Baker to 6 miles west of Baker.
Work is temporarily suspended
US-191 - Mile Marker 0 to 7 (Inactive)
From the Junction of MT 3 & US 191 near Harlowton going north seven miles.
Construction on this project is in winter shut down with no work planned
US-191 - Mile Marker 0 to 8 (Inactive)
North of Big Timber.
Winter shut down. No work until June 2015.
US-191 - Mile Marker 41.4 to 66.1 (Inactive)
Gallatin Canyon Turn Lanes.
Winter shutdown
EPM Gary Berg (406)556-4724 or (406)633-3838
US-2 - Mile Marker 37.9 to 44.8 (Inactive)
2 miles East of LIBBY.
Work is temporarily suspended
US-2/IDAHO STREET/LASALLE ROAD - Mile Marker 121.7 to 123.4 (Inactive)
Project is in winter shut down status until Spring 2015.
US-2 - Mile Marker 246.8 to 254.8 (Inactive)
West of Cut Bank.
Work is temporarily suspended
US-2 - Mile Marker 384 to 386.6 (Inactive)
Havre to Approx 2.5 Miles East.
US-2 - Mile Marker 393 to 403.3 (Inactive)
East of Havre.
Projective is inactive until spring 2015
US-212 - Mile Marker 64 to 70.5 (Inactive)
Red Lodge 8th Street to Robinson.
Winter shut down.
US-287 - Mile Marker 60.6 to 62 (Inactive)
Intersection of US-287 with Broadwater County Roads Filson and Quarter Circle.
This project is inactive until seal and cover work in 2015.
US-87 - Mile Marker 30 to 31 (Inactive)
Carter North Turn Lanes.
Work is temporarily suspended
US-93 - Mile Marker 17.8 to 20.9 (Inactive)
Guardrail South of Hamilton.
Work is temporarily suspended
US-93 - Mile Marker 18.9 to 36.8 (Inactive)
Ravalli N & S.
Final epoxy striping
US-93 - Mile Marker 110 to 110 (Inactive)
Jct with Cemetery Road, South of KALISPELL.
Work has been suspended until flasher installation is scheduled.
US-93/2ND STREET W - Mile Marker 128.5 to 129.7 (Inactive)
West of WHITEFISH, from Karrow to Mountainside.
Project is in winter shut down until Spring 2015.