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Safe On All Roads (SOAR) Program

Motor vehicle crashes have a significant impact in Montana's Indian country - American Indians comprise 6.2% of the population in Montana, but represent about 17% of the motor vehicle crash deaths in the state, on average, and about 25% of the alcohol-related fatalities. The majority of fatalities were unbuckled.

The Montana Department of Transportation is deeply committed to reducing crash deaths and injuries on the reservations in Montana. The department initiated the SOAR program to reduce highway fatalities through education and community outreach on Montana Reservations.

Based on the fatality data, the SOAR program focuses on impaired driving prevention and occupant protection. Program messages and communications are developed within each tribe to resonate to each individual culture.

The program relies on strong local partnerships, especially with the tribal college. Other local partnerships include law enforcement, injury prevention, transportation planning and health education personnel. A local coordinator identifies outreach opportunities and acts as a spokesperson and advocate for traffic safety on each reservation.

Program Goal, Objectives and Activities


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Management of the Program

The program is under the guidance of the Director of the Montana Department of Transportation and the State Highway Traffic Safety Office. Numerous advisory individuals also contribute volunteer time to support the program.


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