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Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan Update


In coordination with Vision Zero, Montana's Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan (CHSP) is being updated. This strategic plan focuses on coordinating statewide efforts to reduce fatalities and incapacity injuries on Montana’s roads.

A technical advisory committee will begin working on the CHSP update. This multidisciplinary group is made of individuals with technical expertise and knowledge of safety issues in the state and represent the four "E's" of traffic safety – education, engineering, emergency response, and enforcement. The plan will continue to be data driven and include a 10-year crash data trend analysis. The update will also include emphasis areas to focus safety strategies, performance measures, and reporting, tracking, and evaluation.

The success of updating and implementing the CHSP relies on consultation and coordination with safety stakeholders throughout the state. Momentum is growing among these key people, as well as Montanan’s in general, to do what is necessary to make sure all travelers in the state arrive at their destination safely.

CHSP chart