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Assessment, Course, and Treatment Program

Montana law requires those convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs to complete the Assessment, Course and Treatment (ACT) phases. This applies to the first three DUI convictions only. Fourth or subsequent DUIs are considered felonies and subject to a different set of penalties.

The purpose of ACT is to reinforce the consequences of DUI conviction and interrupt the cycle of driving impaired.

ACT has three components:

  • Assessment: an evaluation to determine if the offender is chemically dependent must be performed by a licensed addiction counselor (LAC) at a state-approved program. If an offender disagrees with the results of their assessment, they may seek—at their expense—a second opinion from an independent counselor licensed to practice in Montana. The offender must then seek the opinion of the court as to which recommendation is the most appropriate treatment course to follow.
  • Course: 12 hours of education regarding Montana law; consequences for driving impaired; and how alcohol/drugs affect a person's physiology, driving, and choices. The course, PRIME for Life, must be provided by a LAC at a state-approved program. PRIME For Life® is an evidence-based program.
  • Treatment: the level of treatment recommended will depend on the level of chemical dependency found in the assessment. Recommendations will vary from out-patient to residential in-patient treatment. An offender may seek the appropriate level of treatment from any competent provider licensed to practice in Montana.

Requirements for LACs

Before a licensed addiction counselor may teach the ACT course at a state-approved program, s/he must complete ACT training. Information about the upcoming training sessions will be posted when they are scheduled.

Our Goals

  • Reduce alcohol-related fatality rate to .88 per 100 million vehicle miles travelled by 2013.
  • Reduce the percentage of alcohol-related fatalities to 42% by 2013.

The Law

  • 61-8-714     Penalty for DUI - 1st through 3rd offense.
  • 61-8-732     Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs -- driving with excessive alcohol concentration -- assessment, education, and treatment required.
  • 61-8-410     Operation of vehicle by person under twenty-one with alcohol concentration of 0.02 or more.





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Chemical Dependency Bureau

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