Montana Department of Transportation

Montana Department of Transportation


Sign Catalog

MDT's Sign Catalog functions as a supplement to the Federal Highway Administration's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Most of the signs in this catalog can be found in the MUTCD, which specifies the application and location of each sign. Signs unique to Montana are marked with an asterisk.

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You can download the entire catalog or browse by section.

Sign Catalog Sections
5211 Regulatory Signs sign image
5212 Regulatory Signs sign image
5213 Warning Signs sign image
5214 Warning Signs sign image
5215 Warning Signs sign image
5216 Route Markers & Cardinal Direction Signs sign image
5217 School Crossing Signs sign image
5218 Rest Area & Information Signs (Interstate) sign image
5219 Controlled Access Signs sign image
5220 Exit Signs sign image
5221 Rest Area & Information Signs (Primary & Secondary Parking sign
5222 Weigh Station Signs sign image
5223 Milepost Signs sign image
5224 Delineators sign image
5225 General Information Signs sign image
5226 Object Markers sign image
5227 Barricades sign image
5271 Miscellaneous sign image
5272 Miscellaneous sign image
5273 Miscellaneous sign image