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Active Project - Whitehall Roadway Improvements

Whitehall Roadway Improvements

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Project Overview

Ensuring the safety of the traveling public is MDT’s number one priority. The Whitehall South Roadway Improvements project has started and is aimed at improving the roadway through new alignments, roadway widths, and an updated bridge at Pipestone Creek. Work beginning this spring will focus on replacing the bridge and grading the new alignments for the roadway. This will require a detour in the area that diverts traffic from Montana Highway 55 (MT 55) to Capp Lane.

Additionally, there is a 10-ft width and 10-ton weight restriction on the Capp Lane detour route. Guide signs have been placed directing local truck traffic to use the Highway 41 detour. Members of the public should plan for increased travel times.

Whitehall Roadway Improvements Images
Whitehall Roadway Improvements
Left: Alternative Truck Route on MT 41. | Right: Capp Lane Detour Route

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Project Timeline and Cost

The project began in March of 2018 and will be substantially completed in October of 2018 and fully complete in July of 2019. The total project cost for this effort is $7.4M.

Impacts to the Public

Because this is a construction project, the public is asked to prepare for delays and detours when traveling through the area. The public may expect:

  • Delays up to 15 minutes;
  • Reduced speeds of 35 mph;
  • Pilot cars and flaggers; and
  • Detours and closed roads.

Members of the public should plan for increased travel times and can find up-to-the-minute detour and delay information at MDT Travel Conditions (under MT-55).