Montana Department of Transportation



TranPlan 21 is Montana’s Federally mandated statewide transportation plan. Originally adopted in 1995 and most recently amended in 2008, TranPlan 21 is an essential component of the continuing statewide planning process that develops and implements MDT policy goals and actions in cooperation with the public and Montana’s transportation stakeholders.

TranPlan 21 establishes statewide transportation policies in six key areas within the Federally-required 20-year planning horizon. These policy areas are:

  • Economic development
  • Traveler safety (Vision Zero: zero deaths/zero serious injuries)
  • Roadway system performance
  • Access management/Land use planning
  • Bicycle and pedestrian transportation
  • Public transportation

In addition to meeting the requirements of 23 USC Section 135 and 23 CFR450, these policy areas reflect input from the public, transportation stakeholders, tribal governments, resource agencies, and others. For more detailed information, click on the policy papers link to the right.

The purpose of TranPlan 21 is to ensure that MDT continues to address customer priorities and that resources are directed to programs and projects that reflect those priorities. Updates or amendments to TranPlan 21 also give MDT the opportunity to ensure that TranPlan 21 provides policy direction to the Performance Programming Process (P3), MDT’s asset based, fund allocation process.

The policy goals and actions guide how MDT manages, operates, improves, and maintains Montana’s Transportation system. To effectively implement TranPlan 21, MDT relies on a qualified workforce, well functioning support systems, and sound financial management. Each division of MDT, whether directly tied to the action items of TranPlan 21 or serving in a support function that enables the action items to be achieved, is vital to MDT’s mission and strategic vision.

In 2015, MDT will undergo an update to TranPlan 21. Information on the update will be available here.

This website contains a complete copy of the TranPlan 21.

E-mail comments or suggestions to or call the TranPlan 21 toll-free number at 1-800-714-7296.