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Notice of Proposed Amendment - ARM 18.8.1501 and 18.8.1502

MDT's Motor Carrier Services Division proposes to amend ARM 18.8.1501 and 18.8.1502 to comply 
with the February 5, 2018 Montana Seventh Judicial District Court Order in Norby Inc. v. MDT, 
declaring the previous August 19, 2017 amendments to ARM 18.8.1501 and 18.8.1502 implemented by 
MDT are "legally invalid." The Court further ordered the versions of ARM 18.8.1501 and 18.8.1502 
prior to the August 19, 2017 amendments "have been reinstated and have full force and effect." 
The proposed amendments will return the rule language to its prior version. MDT will accept written 
comments on the proposed rules until 5:00 p.m., May 11, 2018. Please see the attached Notice of 
Proposed Amendment for further information. 20180413-181168