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Montana Department Of Transportation To Host March 15 Open H

MISSOULA, Mont. (March 7, 2018) – The Frenchtown Frontage Road, one
of the most well traveled roadways in the Frenchtown area, is being
fully reconstructed by the Montana Department of Transportation
starting in mid-March 2018. The project, named Huson East, will
deliver much needed safety upgrades to the roadway, which is more
than 50 years old.
Recognizing the prominence of this roadway and the
impacts construction will have on the community, the Montana
Department of Transportation will host an open house on Thursday,
March 15 from 3-7 p.m. at the Frenchtown High School.
The Montana
Department of Transportation welcomes Frenchtown and Huson residents
to attend the open house where they can meet the construction team
and ask questions. The open house will also provide a chance to see
project plans, to learn about improvements and impacts, and to gain a
better sense of the project. Both the general public and the media
are encouraged to attend.
“This roadway is 50 years old and is in
need of significant improvements,” Bob Vosen, Missoula District
Construction Engineer said. “The reality is that an increasing number
of travelers are using the Frontage Road and it is not up to current
standards. The open house will be a great opportunity to share our
plans, meet folks from the neighborhood, and discuss how this project
will deliver a safer commute for the residents of Frenchtown and
Frenchtown Frontage Road reconstruction will start this
spring; work will include creating safer approaches, resurfacing,
building wider roadway shoulders, and making visibility improvements
along the roadway. Weather permitting, the Frenchtown Frontage Road
will be fully paved and open in November 2018.
Crews will complete
final chip sealing and striping in the spring of 2019 when warmer
weather allows the chip seal to properly cure.
“The Frenchtown
Frontage Road currently does not have adequate shoulders which poses
safety concerns,” Vosen said. “We will be correcting this issue and
will also be extending the shared-use path the full 11 miles from
Huson to Highway 93. Safety enhancements are the top priority for
this project.” Beyond roadway reconstruction, the Montana Department
of Transportation will extend the shared-use path and will implement
a permanent pedestrian and bicycle crossing at the Frenchtown Pond
State Park. This upgrade will make
crossing the Frenchtown Frontage
Road safer and easier for pedestrians and cyclists. This will be a
paved, ADA accessible path for cyclists, runners and walkers. With a
better trail connection in place, pedestrians and cyclists will not
have to travel on the main roadway, significantly reducing the chance
of a pedestrian or cyclist being hit by a vehicle.
Paving of the
shared-use path and roadway will occur between July and September.
While paving is in progress, additional roadside features, including
signage, guardrails and landscaping will also be installed. Roadside
features are slated for completion in late October, weather
permitting. These enhancements are not only functional; they will
improve aesthetics of the Frenchtown Frontage Road.
Renderings and
plans for designs, as well as the project staff who designed these
features, and construction managers who will be building these
improvements will be available for questions at the March 15 open
The public is encouraged to reach out with any questions
regarding the project. Further information may be requested by
calling the (406)-207-4484 project hotline during regular business
Those looking for continual updates about the Huson/I-90 East
project are advised to sign up for weekly email updates by emailing SMS texting updates are also
available by texting “Huson” to 41411. Regular updates will be sent
once construction begins this spring to those who have registered.
Information is also available on the project web page,, and will be continually
updated throughout the course of the project. Listen for radio
updates by tuning in to KGVO 1240 AM or KYSS 94.4 FM.