Montana Department of Transportation

Active Project

Rouse-Oak / Story Mill

For the duration of the Rouse-Oak to Story Mill Road Project, drivers are advised to please plan additional travel time as they may encounter detours and brief delays throughout. Crews will be in operation Monday through Friday from approximately 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For the winter of 2016/17:

The minor exploratory excavation and utility location is now complete and crews have shut down the Rouse-Oak project for the winter season. Road work will resume in April 2017, weather pending.

Community Awareness:

Knife River is committed to ensuring that the Bozeman community is well informed of the project and in an effort to do so, they have sent out an informational mailer to all business and residence adjacent to the project. This mailer included a link to the MDT project website and directions for business and residents to sign up for weekly email updates. A second mailer will be sent out to all businesses and residents directly adjacent to the work zone in the spring before work restarts. In addition, Knife River has conducted outreach to the city and county governments, local schools, public transportation and other area entities and will be providing them with the weekly updates concerning the project.

Questions or concerns may be addressed to Steve Baeth at 406-388-6832. To sign up for weekly email updates on the Rouse-Oak / Story Mill project, please submit a request .