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Bigge Crane Megaload Permit Issued

A permit has been issued for a megaload to travel from Idaho through Montana to Great Falls. The move, planned for seven stages, will travel at night to minimize travel disruptions to others along the route. MORE INFORMATION

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Active Project - US 212 Reconstruction - Rockvale to Laurel - Project

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US 212 Reconstruction - Rockvale to Laurel


Project Corridor

  • Engineering and legal surveys have been completed.
  • Geotechnical investigations have been completed.
  • Utility mapping to identify and evaluate potential utility conflicts has been completed (Phase I Subsurface Utility Engineering; aka Ph. I SUE).
  • Several groundwater monitoring wells have been installed to monitor pre-construction groundwater elevations at specific locations. The groundwater elevations are generally monitored monthly.
  • Individual mailings have been completed for landowners with irrigation systems which will be impacted by the project. Follow-up meetings have been held with landowners as requested.
  • The Montana Transportation Commission has approved the Access Control Resolution for the entire project corridor (Rockvale to Laurel). The approved resolution is on file with Yellowstone County and Carbon County.

South of Laurel - RR Overpass

  • Design activities have been completed.
  • Right of Way activities have been completed.
  • Coordination with utility companies and relocation of utilities is underway.
  • On August 27, 2013 the Montana Transportation Commission awarded the South of Laurel - RR Overpass project to Scarsella Brothers Inc.
  • Construction activities are underway.

Rockvale - North (US 212 / 310)

  • Design activities have been completed.
  • Right of Way design has been completed.
  • Appraisal of parcels has been authorized and is underway.
  • Right of Way negotiations with landowners will begin soon.

Rockvale - Laurel (2-Lanes)

  • Detailed design activities are underway.

Rockvale - Laurel (NB Lanes)

  • Preliminary design activities are underway.

Photo of Reconstruction area US 212 Rockvale to Laurel