Montana Department of Transportation

Bigge Crane Megaload Permit Issued

A permit has been issued for a megaload to travel from Idaho through Montana to Great Falls. The move, planned for seven stages, will travel at night to minimize travel disruptions to others along the route. MORE INFORMATION

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Billings Area I-90 Corridor Planning Study

Billings Area I-90 Corridor


Community and Agency Involvement

Community and Agency Involvement Plan

Informational Meetings

September 13, 2011
February 28, 2012

Resource Agency Meeting

September 22, 2011


Issue 1 - September 2011
Issue 2 - February 2012

Final Study Report

Final Report
A: Community and Agency Participation Materials
B: Existing and Projected Conditions Report
C: Environmental Scan
D: Improvement Options Report

Billings I-90 Interchanges Project (2006)

Chapters 1-2
Chapter 3 | con't.
Chapters 4-5
Tables 1-12 | 13-22 | 23-34
Figures 1-6 | 7-17

A: Summary of Existing (2003) 24 Hour Count Data
B: Traffic Forecasts
C: Lane Width and Taper Lengths
D: Truck Turns
E: Intersection Sight Distance
F: Traffic Control (Signs and Markings)
G: Street and Highway Lighting
H: Capacity Improvement Alternatives