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The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) prepares an environmental study as required by the Montana Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) or the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for actions taken by the MDT unless exempted by law. An action may include projects, permits, and studies where MDT expends funds or takes an action affecting the human environment. These environmental studies determine the affects of the action on the social, economic or natural environment and may result in the preparation of an Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement.

Public Comments

Public comments regarding a project, environmental study or public meeting become part of the public record and may be posted in MDT documents or made available on MDT's website. Contact information is retained in all public comments as a measure of accountability and to validate the submitted comment. Information obtained will not be used for commercial or advertising purposes.

Comments may be sent by mail, by fax, or using our online comment form.

Please send mailed comments to:

Tom Martin
Montana Department of Transportation
PO Box 201001
Helena MT 59620-1001

Or, fax your comments to: 406-444-7245.

Please note: Electronic commenting via the comment form is provided as a service to the public to promote efficiency and involvement in the environmental process. If you need to send extensive comments or attachments, please mail your comments or or fax them to us as these are equally viable options. Periods of system maintenance may affect delivery of your comment. If this occurs, send your comment via hardcopy or fax or try the electronic commenting system at a later time.