Montana Department of Transportation

Montana Department of Transportation


Environmental Services Bureau Programs

Engineering Section - District Project Development Engineers

Compliance with Montana and National Environmental Policy Acts (MEPA and NEPA), Clean Water Act Permitting, Tribal Water Resources Permits, Municipal Separate Storm Water Systems (MS4), Erosion Control, Construction and Temporary Facilities Permitting, Compliance Assistance, Post Construction Vegetation and Project Closeout

Phone: 406-444-7203

Resources Section - District Biologists

Threatened and endangered species investigations, state and federal species of special concern investigations, wetland determinations and delineations, general wildlife and fisheries surveys, Montana Stream Protection Act (SPA 124) applications.

Phone: 406-444-7227

Wetland Mitigation

Wetland Mitigation, Design, Assessments, and Monitoring

Wetland Mitigation Specialist
Phone: 406-444-6224

Wetland Engineer
Phone: 406-444-0451

Cultural Resources

Historic bridges, Historic Marker Program, historic sites, gravel pits, archeological sites, human remains, fossils.

Phone: 406-444-6258

Phone: 406-444-0455

Hazardous Waste Section

The Hazardous Waste Section handles a variety of hazardous waste, solid waste, and water quality issues, such as underground storage tank removals, subsurface investigations, remedial activities, asbestos and hazardous waste inspections, and regulatory compliance.

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