Montana Department of Transportation

Bigge Crane Megaload Permit Issued

A permit has been issued for a megaload to travel from Idaho through Montana to Great Falls. The move, planned for seven stages, will travel at night to minimize travel disruptions to others along the route. MORE INFORMATION

Montana Department of Transportation


Helena Headquarters Shop

The shop at Helena headquarters receives all new vehicles and equipment. It is also where MDT employees fabricate specialized equipment and assembles snowplow trucks used to clear Montana roadways in winter. Fabricating snow plows is technical but very cost effective due to the skill of our well-trained staff.


Fabrication Equipment

Equipment used to build a tandem-axle snowplow truck (pictured below).

step ladders
Step ladders to be mounted on back of each sander
flat irons
Flat irons to mount the strobe lighting
Wire used to make harnesses for each truck.
More wire


Cab and Chassis Components

Various components that will be mounted on the cab and chassis (i.e. plows, sanders, hydraulic tanks, underframes, and dump boxes).

reversable blades
Reversible Snow Plows
wing plows
Wing Plows
Underframes and dumpbodies
saddle tanks
Saddle Tanks


Mounting Chassis and Plow

mounting the dumpbox
Mounting the chassis
mounting the plow
Mounting the plow

The Finished Plow Truck

the finished plow truck
A brand new tandem-axle snowplow truck