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Montana Department of Transportation

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The Highways and Engineering Division prepares projects for bidding and coordinates highway construction through two primary functions: Preconstruction and Construction. Specific Preconstruction functions are administered by the Bridge, Consultant Design, Engineering Information Services, Environmental Services, Highways, Right-of-Way, and Traffic and Safety bureaus in addition to five District Construction Offices in Billings, Butte, Great Falls, Glendive, and Missoula for budget purposes. Specific Construction functions are administered by the Contract Plans, Construction Engineering Services, Construction Administration Services, and Materials.

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The Preconstruction Program involves planning and developing the details of construction projects. This includes determining the location and design features, conducting public hearings and working with local officials, acquiring property for right-of-way and processing contracts up to the time they are awarded to private contractors.

Preconstruction Engineer


The Construction Program coordinates all activities connected with highway construction. This includes bid preparation and letting, developing policies and specifications, resolving construction problems, and approving payments for construction work.

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Management Information and Support

In addition to the two programs above, there are several areas that support the Engineering Division. These include: Fiscal Officer; Management Analyst; Human Resources Specialist; and the Research Section.

Fiscal Officer

Operations Analyst

HR Generalist

Research Section Manager