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Judge Audrey BargerA Judicial Outreach Liaison is a current or retired Judge who undertakes concerted efforts to reach out to members of the judiciary, stakeholders, and the public to promote confidence in the judiciary through education and acts in an advisory capacity. This effort first started through the American Bar Association and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration who forged a partnership to reach out to judges through Judicial Fellow and Judicial Outreach Liaison programs. These programs were developed to foster a more thorough understanding by the public of traffic safety issues and to provide education to the judiciary to assure that traffic safety cases are adjudicated in accordance with case and statutory laws governing individual jurisdictions.

Traffic safety offenses have become some of the most challenging cases that are adjudicated by the judiciary due to frequent legislative changes, emerging Supreme Court case law, use of technical advances, and introduction of scientific evidence. In addition, pre-conviction considerations such as 24/7 and ignition interlock, together with post-conviction sentencing conditions set by statute, and sentencing and rehabilitation options up to and including participation in DUI Courts, demand the utmost of the judiciary.

Judges, especially those who preside over Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, are often overlooked when educational and communication opportunities arise. There are many training resources, scholarships, and grant funding opportunities available to assure excellence among the judiciary in adjudicating traffic safety issues. The duties and responsibilities of the Judicial Outreach Liaison are to assure that fellow members of the judiciary are aware of the recent case and statutory laws within their jurisdiction, advised of current options for continuing education, directed to available resources, and connected to scholarship and grant funding information to assure continuing education and access to rehabilitation programs for convicted offenders.

As the Montana Judicial Outreach Liaison, judicial education and outreach are very important to me. This website contains a wealth of information, educational opportunities, resources, and scholarship and grant funding information. I am also available to provide group trainings or just to assist on a one-on-one basis on adjudicating traffic safety issues. My contact information is located on the Contact page.

- Hon. Audrey Barger