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Permits for Commercial Motor Carriers

Permits, Route (Road Conditions/Map), Bridge System, FMCSA, Forms, Fees & Pilot Cars

Permits for Commercial Motor Carriers

If you are transporting a load or if you have equipment that exceeds legal dimensions, over-dimensional permits for width, length or height or any combination of width, length and height are required.

If you need a permit...
Please call 406-444-7262. We're open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays).

We provide this Single Trip Email or Faxable Permit Application OR Term Email or Faxable Permit Application (user must also submit the Custom Combine 2-A form if submitting for a Custom Combine Permit). If you prefer to use one of these methods for submitting of your permit application. This is an application and is not valid for travel. Permits will be issued as ordered by close of the next business day. You may send this by fax or .

A reminder to check your route

When you begin issuing your own permits, it is important to remember your responsibility to check construction reports and load-speed restrictions to verify that the route you plan to take does not have unanticipated restrictions.

Check Road Conditions | Montana Road Report Map

Bridge Structure Management System

MDT has completed the Structure Management System. Now you can:

  • search bridge information
  • view inspection reports
  • look up bridge heights
  • view locations of bridges with load restrictions

Please see the letter for further information.

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Is your federal information up-to-date?

To avoid unnecessary delays with MCS, please make sure that your information on the FMCSA Motor Carrier Unified Registration System is current. MCS does reference this information when a new account is set-up; and/or periodically as needed. Discrepancies between information provided to MCS and what shows up in the federal system, will slow down MCS processes.

If your business has changed its Company Name, USDOT number, TIN (Tax Identification number), and/or mailing or physical address, please make sure to update your forms on the FMCSA site. After this has been completed, please notify MCS at 406-444-6130 so that MCS can keep your account information updated on our MCS systems.


For permitting forms, please see our forms page.


If you do not license under IRP and register your truck at the Montana county in which you live, you may pay Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) fees at the county when you license. Alternatively, these fees may be purchased from the Motor Carrier Services office in Helena, at one of our weigh stations, or from any MCS patrol officer.

You can pay GVW fees for a single month, multiple months, or a full year if you apply for a annual-term permit. These options are listed on the GVW Fees Chart and GVW Farm Fees Chart.

Pilot Car Information

Pilot Car Escort Vehicle training publications, including best practices guidelines, best practices for law enforcement, a study guide, training manual, and PowerPoint slides, all of which may be accessed at FHWA Freight Management and Operations, scroll to the Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators section.

The best practices guidelines document summarizes the material found in the 2016 Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVO’s) Training Manual.


For more information about permits, please call Motor Carrier Services in Helena at 406-444-7262 or consult the Trucker's Handbook.

Related Information

Western Regional Permit Agreement
Montana will be discontinuing the issuance of the Western Regional Permit effective April 1st, 2016. Please see the letter for further information. Montana is still in the agreement that allows a carrier to order a permit valid for 5 consecutive days from a single jurisdiction and have all the member states included.