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Grants and Funding

Transit Grants and Funding

Notice of Submission

Federal Transit Administration Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation Goal

Notice is hereby given that the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has submitted to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Goal of 0.38% for Federal Fiscal Year 2015-2017. MDT expects to meet the DBE goal for FTA funds, excluding transit vehicle purchases, through race neutral means. This participation goal was established and is being filed in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 49, Part 26.

The FTA Goal Methodology can be viewed here and is available for public examination at the MDT Headquarters Building, 2701 Prospect Avenue, Helena, MT during regular business hours in the office of the Civil Rights Bureau until July 15, 2014. Send comments or inquiries to the Civil Rights Bureau, MDT, P.O. Box 201001, Helena, MT 59620-1001. ATTN: Megan Handl, or . Comments will be accepted until July 30, 2014.

Capital and Operating Assistance

MDT administers federal and state capital and operating grants to help qualified organizations provide transportation to the rural general public, including the elderly and disabled.


Eligible recipients of this funding are local public bodies; private nonprofit organizations; tribal governments and agencies; and operators of public transportation services.

Applying for Assistance

Passage of the Federal Public Transportation Act of 2005 has led the Montana Department of Transportation to change the way it administers its transit programs. Two different applications are now available on our Forms page (see the "Transit" section) based on whether you are applying for capital and operating assistance, or capital only assistance.

Reporting & Compliance Reviews

All transit grantees are required to submit quarterly reports and compliance reviews.

Quarterly reports are submitted via the Public Transportation Management System (PTMS). These reports detail performance and costs during the quarter. A PTMS Manual is available to show first-time users how to use the system.

Compliance reviews help transit grantees to provide quality service to transit riders by ensuring compliance with federal and state requirements. Forms and instructions are available on our Forms page (see the "Transit" section).


We can help:

  • , Transit Section Supervisor, 406-444-9192
  • , Southern Regional Planner, 406-444-6120
  • , Northern Regional Planner, 406-444-9216
  • , Western Regional Planner, 406-444-4265
  • Vacant, Urbanized Transit Planner, 406-444-7296
  • , Fiscal Planner, 406-444-7645
  • , Planning Tech, 406-444-6259

Rural Transit Assistance Program

Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) funds are used to support non-urbanized transit activities in four categories: training, technical assistance, research and related support services. This program is a component of the Section 5311 grant.

Eligible recipients of these funds include all Montana rural transit providers receiving federal transit grants. Funds are also available to Montana's public transit operators in small urbanized areas such as Billings, Missoula and Great Falls, as long as the activities are primarily designed and delivered to benefit non-urbanized transit providers. This program is 100 percent federally funded.

Guidelines, the scholarship application, and a reimbursement form are available on our Forms page (see the "Transit" section)

Supplemental Information

More information about transit programs is available from the Federal Transit Administration.