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Work Zone Safety & Mobility

In September 2004, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published updates to the work zone regulations at 23 CFR 630 Subpart J. The updated rule is the Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule (the Rule) and applies to all state and local governments that receive Federal-aid highway funding. Transportation agencies are required to comply with the provisions of the Rule by October 12, 2007. The changes made to the regulations broaden the former rule to better address the work zone issues of today and the future.

The MDT Work Zone Safety and Mobility Policy provides an opportunity to increase safety for department employees, construction workers and the public while improving the mobility of the traveling public and our goods and services. A significant portion of the Guidelines and Procedures describes what we do now. This document expands on our processes and provides goals to measure how well we're providing for the safety and mobility through work zones. The Guidelines and Procedures are an opportunity to improve on our existing work. Many aspects of the procedures focus on safety, while other aspects focus on mobility. It is important to note that safety and mobility are integral; improved mobility through construction zones will improve safety.


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