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Trns·port Electronic Bidding Info

Trns·port is AASHTO's information system for managing transportation programs. Its capabilities encompass the full functionality of a contract management system.

Beginning with the planning and estimation, Trns·port carries through the development of bidding documents, letting and contract award, field record keeping, civil rights, materials testing, contractor payments and management of construction operations. Trns·port also provides a database of historical information as a basis for its extensive analysis capabilities and ad hoc reporting. This enforces a consistent and integrated view of the construction contract process during all phases.

Many contractors are already using components of the software, primarily Expedite, to produce a bid with an electronic bid file, and Bid Express, an online bidding exchange service. Although Bid Express is not mandatory at this time, MDT strongly encourages that you give their service a try. If you have any questions you are encouraged to call 406.444.6216 or 406.444.6213 for more information.

Bid Express

Are You a New Vendor?

If you are buying out an existing company or are establishing a new business, you must contact Contract Plans to be assigned a Contractor Identification number. If you are establishing a Bid Express account for Internet bidding please let Contract Plans know so they can insure Bid Express has the latest list of valid bidder ids. Contract plans can be reached at 406-444-6212, 406-444-6215 or 406-444-6216.


Fees - Expedite is a free module service that is offered by MDT that has no end user charge.