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Highway Construction Contractor Information

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Bidding Information for Contractors

Contractor Registration

Effective July 1, 1996, Montana law requires all contractors to register with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. On Federal-aid projects, contractors must register prior to executing a contract. On State-funded projects, bidders must be registered prior to submitting a bid. For information regarding this requirement, contact the Department of Labor and Industry at 406-444-7734 or TTY 406-444-5549.


Prequalification is required only for some Specialty Types of work at this time. No other prequalification is required.

Contractor Identification (Vendor) Number

All bidders need a Contractor Identification (Vendor) Number issued through the Contract Plans Bureau to bid on a project using Expedite or Bid Express. To get a new number or find out what your existing number is call the Contract Plans Bureau at 406-444-6212, 406-444-6215 or 406-444-6216.

Expedite Software

All contractors are required to use the latest version of the Expedite software to prepare their bid electronically. This means the bid information is inserted into the program and saved to a disk or cd. The Hard Copy of the bid (considered the legal document) and the disk or cd is then submitted to the Contract Plans Bureau at MDT by 9:00 a.m. the day of the Bid Letting.

Bid Express is a second bidding option. Bid Express is an On-line bidding system that also uses the Expedite software. Bid Express is a service you will need to purchase thru to submit bids. The sign up process will take approximately 2 weeks. An electronic Bid Bond is recommended if submitting On-line bids.

When filling out your bid with the Expedite software please make sure the name of your company is correct and is the same on the schedule of items, proposal, and bid bond.

Bid Files

The Bid Files are electronic files that are used in conjunction with the Expedite software and contain all of the project bid items. The Bid Files can be downloaded from our web site for all projects. These files should be downloaded to a disk or CD to be turned in with the Hard Copy of the bid.

Bond Forms

The use of the Department's Bid Bond form or Electronic Bid Bond is required. No other security is accepted.

Bidding Process

An Invitation for Bids 100 series | 200 series will normally be advertised 4 weeks prior to a Bid Letting date.

The following is all made part of a contract and should be reviewed before submitting a bid.

  1. Book entitled Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction 2006 edition.
  2. Most recent version of Detailed Drawings.
  3. Question and Answer Forum. The Question and Answer Forum opens at 5:00 p.m. on the bid letting advertisement date and closes at 10:00am (Mountain Time) on the Tuesday before the Bid Letting. If Tuesday is a state holiday, questions will be accepted through the Monday prior to the Bid Letting. Questions raised by potential bidders on this project, and the answers and other information posted by the Department on MDT's "Question and Answer Forum", can be found at the website up to 5:00 p.m. on the day before the bid letting.
  4. The current months Bid Packages [Proposal, Plans (Cross Sections, Erosion Control and Dirt Runs, if applicable)], which is job specific information, is available On Line, Hard Copy or CD. Order Form (100 series) | 200 series
  5. Any Addendum(s) applied to the project. The complete addendum for a project is located under the Bid Packages link, letting month and then under the project name. Issued the week prior on Wednesday or the Monday before letting.

Sealed bids will be received by the Montana Department of Transportation-Highways Division, Contract Plans Bureau, Room 101, 2701 Prospect, Helena, Montana until 9:00 a.m. on Letting Day, the bids being publicly opened and read thereafter in the Department's auditorium.

All bids must be delivered to the appropriate Department office in a sealed envelope clearly labeled. Bids may be submitted in a plain manila envelope with the Bid Envelope information on the front. The checklist is for your information.

Bids may be withdrawn by filling out the Bid Withdrawal Form and submitting it to the official prior to the reading of the bid. Unless withdrawn, all submitted bids become the property of the Department. Non-responsive bids are not read.

Refresh Screens

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Awarded Contractors

Projects are awarded approximately 10 calendar days after the Bid Letting and contractors have 20 calendar days from receipt of the contracts to acquire insurance (107.13.1) and bonding and return the signed contracts to the Contract Plans Bureau.

For more information, contact the Contract Plans Bureau at 406-444-6212, 406-444-6215 or 406-444-6216.