Montana Department of Transportation

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Reimbursement Program for Montana DBE–certified Highway-related Businesses

As a highway–related Montana business certified in the Montana Department of Transportation DBE Program, you are eligible to receive reimbursement of $1250 for training, education & travel; $750 for marketing (ie: trade shows, website development, brochures, membership fees, etc.) & $300 for plans room fees, during the Federal calendar year (October 1 to September 30). DBE businesses with the home state not being Montana are not eligible for these reimbursements.

Travel reimbursement, if driving is reimbursed at the state per diem rate of .56¢; air travel & hotels are reimbursed at cost, not exceeding the total of $1250.

You must obtain pre–approval to qualify for reimbursement.

To process reimbursement of expenses, send copies of your expense receipts (proof of payment) and documentation verifying completion of training along with the DBE Reimbursement form to the DBE Supportive Services @ or call 406-444-7287 if you have questions.

Please remember reimbursement is on a first come bases, once the funding is gone, it's gone, so please submit your expenses as soon as possible.