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The MDT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program encourages and supports the participation of companies owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals in transportation contracts. It is a federally funded program administered by MDT. In order to participate in federally funded contracts under the DBE Program, companies must first be certified through the MDT DBE Program. MDT is the only DBE certifying agent in the state of Montana. The MDT DBE Program Specialists are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the MDT DBE Program, including certification, compliance of federal and state laws, DBE Supportive Services, etc.

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The SBA offers a variety of online courses for small business owners. Check out this Business Plan course for help writing or updating your business plan. Remember, highway related DBEs are eligible to receive reimbursement funds if they have a business plan on file.

2017 Upcoming Events

Date Location Event Time Contact
January 26 Headwater RC&D
Quick Books 9am-4pm Julie Jaksha, 406-533-6781
February 1-2 Great Falls DA Profit Mastery 8am-5pm Jason Nitschke, 406-750-0314
February 7-9 Radisson Colonial Hotel
DBE Summit - Register today
8am-5pm , 406-444-7287
February 21 MSU Extension
Top 10 Things U Need to Know about HR 9am-12pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
February 28 MMEC –Bozeman Trade Marks & Domain 11:30am-1pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
March 1-2 MMEC –Bozeman Profit Mastery 8:30am-4:30pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
March 16 MMEC –Bozeman Intro to QuickBooks 9am-3:30pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
March 21 MSU Extension
SEO+Google Analytics 9am-12pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
April 5-6 Invest In Success
Various All day Julie Jaksha, 406-533-6781
April 18 MSU Extension
Get Lean 9am-12pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
April 20 MMEC –Bozeman Intro-Online QuickBooks 9am-3:30pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
June 7 MMEC –Bozeman Buying & Selling Your Business 9am-12pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
October 19 MMEC –Bozeman Intro to QuickBooks 9am-3:30pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
November 16 MMEC –Bozeman How to Get Contracts
With the Government
9am-12pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
December 6-7 MMEC –Bozeman Profit Mastery 8:30am-4:30pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
December 14 MMEC –Bozeman QuickBooks - Year End Reporting 9am-12pm
Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113

For more information on events, please contact , 406-444-7287.