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The Montana Department of Transportation works extensively with numerous partners in the private sector to improve and maintain the state's transportation infrastructure. This section of MDT's Web site contains a range of useful information and links for contractors, consultants, and vendors.

The Highway Contractors portion of this web site provides information on all major highway construction projects in Montana. In this area you will find final engineering documents, plans, specifications, advertisements, amendments, and bid information for a multitude of highway construction projects for the Department.

Also included are standard drawings, standard road and bridge specifications, and Standard Contractor Submittals that are used by contractors and design consultants.

The Design Consultants portion of this site provides information on design projects that are coordinated between consultants and the MDT. Design consultants are pre-qualified annually, then provided specific information related to projects that they may present proposals on.

Proof of Authority
Fill-in proof of authority forms are now available. Please use them to submit proof of authority for all consulting contracts.

MDT's Consultant Mailing List
Add your firm's name to MDT's Consultant mailing list to receive solicitations for upcoming work and other relevant information.

Resources are available for both contractors and consultants including forms, reports and software available for download.

The Supplies & Service Vendors portion is for the convenience of vendors seeking business opportunities with the Montana Department of Transportation and other State of Montana agencies. This service contains all formal bids and request for proposals on supplies and services including Maintenance Contracts, Information Technology Service Contracts, Design Proposals, Research Projects, and Vendor supplies.

More information is available on Research projects including current and completed projects. If you would like to be added to the Research Projects solicitation and/or RFP mailing lists, please complete the request form. contact usarrow

The Special Considerations area contains information focused on specific areas including bridge design, environmental concerns and EEO and labor compliance.

Montana Department of Transportation bidding and other related information available through this web site is for informational purpose only and is subject to change.