Montana Department of Transportation

Malcolm “Mack” Long, Director


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Adjoining States and Provinces

Adjoining State and Province Cameras
Name Location Links
Name Location Links
Camp Creek I-15 MP 185.3 images
China Point I-15 MP 178.5 images
4th of July Summit I-90 MP 28 images
Cataldo I-90 MP 40 images
Lolo Pass US-12 MP 174.4 images
Lost Trail US-93 MP 350.8 images
Upper Lochsa US-12 MP 172 images
Wallace I-90 MP 62.3 image
North Dakota
Name Location Links
Beach I 94 MP 1 image
Bowman US 85 MP 12.2 image
Fryburg I 94 MP 37.3 image
Green River I 94 MP 70 image
Marmarth US 12 MP 4.9 image
Painted Canyon I 94 MP 31.2 image
Ray US 2 MP 51.3 image
Name Location Links
Buffalo I 90 MP 56.8 image
Dietz I 90 image
Frannie US 310 MP 62.3 image
Gillette I 90 MP 128 image
MT/WY State Line I 90 MP 0.1 images
Ranchester I-90 MP 9.88 images
Sheridan I-90 image
Name Location Links
Coutts Hwy 4 image
Warner Hwy 4 image
Stirling Hwy 4 image
Monarch Hwy 3 image
Taber Hwy 3 image
Burdett Hwy 3 image
Whitla Hwy 3 image
Medicine Hat Hwy 1 image
Irvine Hwy 1 image
Suffield Hwy 1 image
Crowsnest Hwy 3 image