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West Laurel Interchange

Project Overview

MDT is improving the outdated West Laurel Interchange with the first phase of construction happening between 2017-2020. 1.2 miles of I-90 will be rebuilt to current day standards and the two bridges carrying traffic over MRL rail lines and Railroad Street will be realigned and replaced with modern, steel structures. When complete, both new bridges will have wider shoulders, 12 foot passing and driving lanes, and the curves will be gentler to help reduce the high number of crashes that occur on the curving and sloped bridges. A future phase will rebuild four interchange ramps (for full access to and from I-90) and will rebuild 19th Avenue West between I-90 and Old Highway 10/Golf Course Road.

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Project Status

Update 16 November 2018: The West Laurel Interchange project includes several key safety-related changes. Please click the “safety fact sheet” link above for an overview! Construction is complete for the 2018 season and will resume in the spring of 2019. Traffic is now utilizing the new eastbound bridge and roadway. The next phase will install a new westbound bridge and will continue through the fall of 2019..

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West Laurel Interchange Project Status Map
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Project Camera

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The contract specified four construction phases, which are described below with approximate construction dates are:

Phase 1 | Fall 2017-Fall 2018

  • Construction Phase 1 (in process as of this writing) will construct the I-90, eastbound bridge & approaches outside of existing traveled way. The existing eastbound off-ramp and westbound on-ramps were permanently closed. Embankments for the new bridges were constructed outside the traveled way and were surcharged to allow for settlements in the poor soils.
  • Construction Phase 2 (just beginning as of this writing) will build the median cross-overs to shift all I-90 traffic onto the existing eastbound bridge. Once traffic is narrowed to single-lane travel in each direction and shifted onto the eastbound bridge/road, the new westbound lanes will be built on a new, less curvy alignment to the west of the bridges.
  • Construction Phase 3 will shift single-lane I-90 traffic onto the westbound bridge to finish the new eastbound road connections. This includes removal of surcharge for the new eastbound roads and bridge. The new eastbound bridge and road will be completed during this Phase.

Phase 1 Work Stoppage | Late Fall 2018 through Spring 2019

  • Winter Stop Work: Because MDT requires four lanes of I-90 travel during winter (non-construction) conditions, traffic will be restored to two lanes in each direction for the winter of 2018/19. Eastbound drivers will use two-lanes on the new bridge while westbound drivers will remain on the existing bridge with two-lanes of travel.

Phase 1 | Spring-Summer 2019

  • Construction Phase 4 will construct the new I-90, westbound bridge by reducing I-90 to one lane in each direction, shifting traffic onto the new eastbound bridge and road. This work is expected to occur in 2019.

Future Phase 2 outside the scope of the current construction contract): 19th Avenue West/Interchange Ramps/Golf Course Road has not yet been advertised. It is planned in the future and will have separate public outreach. It will construct the ramps of the compressed diamond interchange and the bridge over I90 and the realignment of 19th Avenue West and other street improvements.
This project has the following MDT parameters: West Laurel Intch-West Design Phase 2 IM 90-8 (166)432 UPN 5736003

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