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MDT Prepares For Bridge Rehabilitation In Southeast Montana

COLSTRIP, MONT.  The Glendive District Bridge Preservation Project
will evaluate 11 bridges in southeastern Montana for rehabilitation,
impacting a state highway (S 39), US highways (US 212 and US 12), the
interstate (I 94), and the communities of Forsyth, Colstrip, Lame
Deer, Broadus, Ashland, and the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation.
The project will continue through the current design phase in 2021
with construction possible as early as 2022.  


Lane closures and
width restrictions will be common throughout the project and will be
communicated to the public in advance by the department and partners.
Lane closures may be single- or double-lane based on the needs of
each rehabilitation.  


Eight of the bridges are on two-lane
highways and will require a one-lane closure during construction.
Vehicle width restrictions may be required, and travelers should
expect slight delays.  


Two of the bridges are on I 94 at the East
Forsyth Interchange and will require a one-lane closure during
construction in the Eastbound and Westbound roadways. Vehicle width
restrictions will likely not be required at these bridges, and
travelers should expect minimal delays.  


The bridge at the
Colstrip Interchange (I 94 and S 39) requires more extensive
construction than the other bridges in this project. The design team
is considering two construction options: closing both lanes during
construction and closing one lane during construction. The two-lane
closure would result in a shorter construction time but require
detours utilizing the interstate between the Reservation Creek and
the west Forsyth Interchanges. The one lane closure would result in a
longer construction time and traffic delays. A slideshow explaining
the two options is available on the project website. 


To keep the
public up to date and provide opportunities to contact the project
team, MDT has created a project website at: With project maps, videos,
detailed project descriptions and more, the site provides a quality
introduction to the coming project.  

Public involvement is important
to MDT and the success of the project. The community will be notified
about public involvement opportunities through this website, local
media, mailings, social media channels and other means as the project

MDT encourages questions and comments about the project.
Members of the public can submit through
the or directly


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