Montana Department of Transportation

Public Involvement - Active Project

Broadus Interchange

Project Overview

Location and Limits

The project is located along Interstate 94 at the Broadus Interchange (MP 138) with South Haynes Avenue (Highway 59) in Miles City, Custer County, MT. The project is generally contained within Township 7 North, Range 47 East, Sections 2 and 3, Montana Principal Meridian, and consists mainly of the interchange between Interstate 94 and South Haynes Avenue. The interchange is one of three interstate interchanges to provide access to and from Interstate 94 and Miles City, and is generally bounded by dense commercial, retail and residential development north of the interstate, and sporadic commercial, retail, and residential development south of the interstate.

The project limits are defined as the area of Interstate 94 between the Cemetery Road underpass bridge structures (approximate MP 137.5) located west of the interchange to the Love Street underpass tunnel structure (approximate MP 138.5) located east of the interchange. Both the Cemetery Road structures and the Love Street structure will remain outside of the limits of this project. Along South Haynes Avenue, project limits are expected to be contained within the area necessary to improve the ramp intersections, approximately 500-ft north and 500-ft south of the Interstate centerline.

Broadus Interchange project area photo