Montana Code Annotated (continued)
25) (a) "Pollution" means:
     (i) contamination or other alteration of the physical,
chemical, or biological properties of state waters that exceeds
that permitted by Montana water quality standards, including but
not limited to standards relating to change in temperature, taste,
color, turbidity, or odor; or
     (ii) the discharge, seepage, drainage, infiltration, or flow of
liquid, gaseous, solid, radioactive, or other substance into state
water that will or is likely to create a nuisance or render the
waters harmful, detrimental, or injurious to public health,
recreation, safety, or welfare, to livestock, or to wild animals,
birds, fish, or other wildlife.
     (b) A discharge, seepage, drainage, infiltration, or flow that is
authorized under the pollution discharge permit rules of the
board is not pollution under this chapter.