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We wanted to let you know that we just released a new section of our website called VisionZeroMT. The information previously located at has moved to a new section of our website under the VisionZeroMT – Zero Deaths. Zero serious injuries banner. The new experience starts here:

We undertook this venture to raise awareness of our new imperative to aim Montana towards zero deaths and zero serious injuries.

A quick orientation

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The VisionZeroMT Homepage
Get oriented to the new site—and add it to your Favorites!

If you're looking for something more specific, try one of these:

Safer Roads
Speed limits, signs & signals, roundabouts, railroad crossings, winter maintenance, and more!
Safer People
Get safety tips. Know the law. Explore safety topics like the dangers of drunk driving, not buckling, speeding, and distractions like cell phones. A great place for teens, parents, and employers.
Crash Data
Crash data is still available on our Publications page. But here's that link in case it's helpful.
Plans & Programs
The Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan, Traffic Safety Programs, HSIP Information & Application, MCSAP & more!
Funding for Traffic Safety Projects
Funding options for traffic safety projects.

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