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Proposed Roundabout Open House - Poplar

Public Discussion of Proposed Roundabout and Intersection
Improvements on U.S. Highway 2 in Poplar

POPLAR — The Montana
Department of Transportation (MDT) is conducting an open house
meeting to discuss the reconstruction of the intersections on U.S.
Highway 2 at both 5th Avenue East and Kirn Road with roundabouts. The
roundabouts will include safety features and aesthetic improvements
such as curbing, sidewalks, and lighting.  Construction is
tentatively planned for 2018 or beyond, depending on completion of
design and availability of funds. 

Representatives, including
Director Mike Tooley, from MDT will be in Poplar on Tuesday, March
20, 2018, from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Poplar Cultural Center.
Members of the public will have the opportunity to see pictures of
the project improvements and design, talk one-on-one with MDT staff
and project designers, ask questions, and view the proposed
construction schedule. 

Roundabouts are designed to improve safety
at intersections, not only for drivers but pedestrians as well.
Because roundabouts require vehicles to yield and then navigate in a
circle, traffic is slowed down and there is no need to make a turn in
front of traffic coming in the opposite direction. Pedestrians only
have to cross one direction of traffic at a time. Nationally,
roundabouts constructed at intersections along high-speed, two-lane
rural highways reduced crashes by 63% and reduced injury crashes by
up to 88%. One roundabout in Montana reduced crashes by 70% and
eliminated fatalities over a five-year period.	

“I support the
Montana Department of Transportation’s efforts on Vision Zero, aiming
for zero deaths and injuries on our highways,” said Rep. Bridget
Smith. “Roundabouts save lives and with an appropriate design for
trucks and trailers I am hopeful that a roundabout at Highway 2 will
allow for easy traffic flow and make conditions safer for drivers and

For more information, please contact Lori Ryan at
(406) 444-6821 or For the hearing impaired, the TTY
number is (406) 444 7696 or 1-800-335-7592, or call the Montana Relay
at 711. 

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