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I-94 Rest Area Study


The study examined existing and proposed rest areas within the I-90 corridor from Big Timber to Columbus and the I-94 corridor from Billings to Miles City. The study assessed the current condition of rest area locations, determined the feasibility of upgrading existing facilities, and prioritized proposed improvements. Findings and recommendations from the study were discussed at a public meeting, including the proposal to construct a new rest area at Fort Keogh.

Final Documents

I 94 Rest Area Study Final Document (20 MB)

Appendix A - Rest Area Site Evaluation Form
Appendix B - Photographs of Elements Needing Repair or Replacement
Appendix C - Traffic Data
Appendix D - Checklist for Facility Accessibility - Greycliff EB
Appendix E - Photographs of Water, Wastewater and Power Features Appendix F - Theoretical Irrigation System Flow Requirements
Appendix G - Greycliff EB Well Log Report
Appendix H - Greycliff EB Public Water Supply System Report
Appendix I - Maintenance Division Questionnaire
Appendix J - Greycliff EB Wastewater System Calculations
Appendix K - Greycliff EB Water System Annual Operation Costs
Appendix L - Rest Area Plan View
Appendix M - Preliminary Geologic Map of the Big Timber Quadrangle
Appendix N - Preliminary Site Improvements
Appendix O - Montana Rest Area Planning Map
Appendix P - Public Comments