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Notice: Wed, 01-Jul-2015 12:24 MDT
The preliminary bid package for the Kalispell Bypass-US 2 to Three Mile Drive, Kalispell Bypass-Three Mile to Reserve Loop, Four Mile Dr-West Section, and Four Mile Dr-East Section tied contract is available. There was a request by a contractor to post the Geopak and design files. This request has been approved due to the complexity of the contract, although MDT does not generally provide design files prior to advertising of a given contract.

The entire preliminary bid package, Geopak and design files are available through the following link: KBP-US 2 TO THREE MILE DRIVE

The requested design files contained in the link do not represent the staked project, but are only design files. The Department cannot guarantee the accuracy of the electronic data, particularly as it may be called up by your computer, nor does any data in these files supersede the data in the contract documents. In addition, the Department will not make any revisions to the electronic files pertaining to the staked project, change ordered work, or changes that are made during construction to fit field conditions. Further, these are preliminary plans and may be used to review general requirements of projects in accordance with Subsection 102.06. Preliminary plans are not valid for bidding purposes, and may undergo substantial changes before they are released for bid letting. Only advertised projects may be used for bidding purposes. *********************************************************************************************************************************
Notice Updated: Wed, 24-Jun-2015 09:21 MDT
Project No.: IM-IR 15-4(116)192
Project Name: Capitol Interchange/Cedar Interchange - Helena

MDT is seeking preliminary feedback on the above referenced project. The preliminary plans and special provisions for this project have been posted for review and comment and can be accessed at the following link: PRELIMARY PLANS & SPECIAL PROVISIONS

The project is currently scheduled to be advertised August 13, 2015 with a scheduled letting date of October 8th, 2015. Please keep in mind this is preliminary information. Questions and comments can be sent to the following e-mail: